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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


The Tempo Store was on the north end of the Arrowhead Shopping Center, where Marketplace Food is now. It was a department store of sorts and as I recall was competitively priced. Tempo and Red Owl at one time were owned by the same parent company. During my time as Assistant Mgr at Arrowhead Red Owl, we would send new stock clerks on a quest for the aisle stretcher to make room for freight. When it could not be found in the Red Owl Store, we would send them to Tempo to look for it.
I went into Tempo in the mid 60’s to purchase a stereo system for my 1965 Mustang. I debated on getting a 4 track or going all out for an 8 track. The 8 track won as I decided to be on the cutting edge of technology. While there I was also witness to a new invention Tempo had just started selling. It could make popcorn in a matter for minutes… the new invention was a Microwave oven.


  1. I noticed a headline which said "Pamida Is Now Shopko", and it reminded me that we had a Pamida and a "Tempo" store in nearby Aberdeen, SD, also. In the early 70's, I purchased a Panasonic color television from them. I used it every day for forty years until I received a flat screen televion for Christmas a few years ago. The Panasonic still works good, so I put it in the bedroom! It is highly doubtful the flat screen will last for fifty years!

  2. Upon research, I found that Tempo Stores were a division of Gamble-Skogmo of St. Lous Park, Minnesota. Mr. Gamble and Mr. Skogmo grew up in Arthur, North Dakota, near Fargo!


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