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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Evacuated -- Day 50 ... Aug 10, 2011

This post to the blog is also for tomorrow, Wed the 10th. I am posting it tonight as Wednesday morning I am taking Granddaughter#4, Madison, to her 7th grade orientation at Jim Hill Middle School.......
Tuesday was a very productive day. My plan was to get the kids playroom done in the basement.... removing sheetrock. About 2:30 in the afternoon, Nancy, one of the ladies I work with arrived to help. By 4 pm we had the kids room done and most of the big room where my shop was. As we were wrapping things up, the 10 people with a Catholic agency came over to our house. They had just finished gutting the house across the Street. I did know a couple of the people. As they had an hour left to work they all came to help in the basement. By 5pm, the basement was 99% done. Some sheetrock in one room to remove and a couple base cabinets. They also helped remove many of the large items that I could not do by myself. Dumpster #3 is full to the brim and the call for it to be picked up and emptied has gone out. Amazing haw much 10 people can get done in a short period of time compared to 1. Tomorrow afternoon I will finish the basement and start pulling nails on all the studs.
Then it is up to the main floor. The plan is to remove sheetrock only 4 foot up the walls. We had 30 inches of water on main floor so in most areas, that should do it. Also have to remove all kitchen cabinets.... We are getting closer to the end of demolishion
At 5 pm when we quit, there was a bus on 2nd Avenue next to our house. On the bus were many Minot City and State dignataries. Included in these were Senator Hoeven and Senator Conrad from Washington DC and their entourage. Senator Hoeven did take a quick tour of our house on the main floor. I had a brief conversation with him before he left. I told him we were counting on him to help make sure the flooding did not return. ............ More Tomorrow...


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