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Monday, August 8, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 48 - Aug 8, 2011

Except for a few large objects, the basement is finally cleaned out of "stuff". Also, the bathroom needs to be done.... vanity, shower, jacuzzi tub and toilet. Now it is time to start removing sheetrock amd nails or screws. I removed small amounts of sheetrock in some areas of the basement. In some walls the only insulation was a layer of 1/2 inch bead board.... not much "R" value there. It should be much warmer when we get it done and have the second furnace in. The 3rd roll off dumpster is about 2/3 full. by Tuesday night it will be ready to be dumped again.
The floor in the basement is 3/4 inch plywood. In some areas it is flat , in other areas it is warped. or at least the top layer.... not sure yet if the walls are built on top of the plywood. It could cause a delima if we pull up the floor.
More later....

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