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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Evacuated - Day 47 -- Aug 7, 2011

Sunday morning and we are getting ready to head into town to work on house. The basement is close to being emptied of stuff..... starting to fill our 3rd roll off dumpster. Will finish removing items... some I need help with as they are too heavy for 1 person. We still have to get the bathroom apart... jacuzzi tub and all.... then off comes the sheetrock in basement and main floor. Kitchen cabinets are out  next. Saving the upper cabinets for future shop or garage.... disposing of the base cabinets. New kitchen layouts shoud be ready to view in a day or two..... Pat and Grandaughters are heading to the cabin by Detroit Lakes on Thursday morning for 5 days.... I am staying behind to continue with the house.
Not sure what is happening with houses with collapsed basements. Next door neighbor has north side collpased and 4 or 5 floor joists are cracked. His south basement wall is starting to bow our. Hope the house stays up... it is leaning away from us.
Neighbor across the alley to the west of us had his south wall cave in.... a few days ago the north wall of the basement also caved in.... this house may not be saved.
It seems as though yellow caution tape means structural damage and unsafe... Red caution tape means hazzardous waste.... asbestos or something similar. we had a house a block away that has been red taped and people in hazmat suits are cleaning up area.
The Mad Max trucks have been through the neighborhood and a lot of the debris is gone. I call them the Mad Max trucks because to me they look like something out of the Mad Maz movies.
I am still waiting for the Southern Baptist mud out teams to arrive. I received a call from the Mormon church offering help. I will probably take them up on the offer as soo far it has been me by myself with help from Pat. I am getting pooped out.


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