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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Monster Season – 1964 –

I thought this was appropriate for Halloween.... an article from 1964

an article in the Minot Daily on September 25, 1964 was about monsters on TV. It was referring to the two spoof horror shows, The Munsters and the Adams Family. The Munsters, as you may recall, was a show about a rather ghoulish family with a seemingly normal girl, their neice. Herman was a replica of Frankenstein, his wife Lilly was a witch, the grandfather was a portly rendition of a Vampire, and Eddy was a werewolf…. The article implied that the niece must have been abnormal as she did not see anything strange about her relatives …..

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Taking a Break

Due to the passing of my wife earlier this month, I have been taking a break.

Minot Memories will return in November


Friday, October 12, 2018

USS Minot salvage attempt 1967

Some 15 additional merchant ships defended by Armed Guards arrived at Okinawa on April 11. One of these, the Minot Victory, brought down a plane on April 12 which strafed the ship and crashed into her No. 4 kingpost. Five Armed Guards were wounded. 

In 1967 The USS Minot was to be salvaged ... The follwing is the account of the salvage operation... I do not have the pictures associated with the salvage efforts

  SS Minot Victory Salvage Operation, Paracel Islands 1967
LTJG Vince Weis and LTJG Mark Lusink recording the Minot Victory grounding data.

An underwater photo of Minot Victory's bow aground on the coral of North Reef, Paracel Islands. Photo taken by LTJG Mark Lusink.

EN3 Richard Pappe and SM3 By ob Willette figure eight 1.5 inch beach gear steel cable on Current's fantail in preparation for the Minot Victory salvage operation.

Current crew members prepare to release one of four Ells Anchors for the Minot Victory salvage operation

One of Current's Ells Anchors being dropped in preparation for the removal of Minot Victory from North Reef.

Current's tow wire is attached to the stern of Minot Victory, waiting for the maximum high tide. April 1967. A barge and a tug on both the starboard and port sides of Minot Victory are receiving heavy earth moving equipment from the Minot Victory prior to the pull.

Current slowly increasing RPM'S on the screws and taking a strain in the tow cable. Minot Victory slid off North Reef at a high tide after 7 days of preparations. .

I am not sure but I believe the USS Minot was salvaged

Thursday, October 11, 2018

USS Minot - Victory Ship WWII

USS Minot - Victory ships. Victory ships were a type of cargo ship which were mass-produced in the United States during World War II.  They Victory Ships were part of the Merchant Marine. The United States Merchant Marine transports goods and services in wartime as an auxiliary to the U.S. Navy.  During military conflicts, the Merchant Marine operates civilian-owned merchant ships as well as vessels maintained through government entities like the Military Sea Transportation Service or Military Sealift Command.    The S.S. Minot was launched on October 7, 1944.  The Victory ships were predominantly cargo vessels but they were armed. On April 11, 1945, a fleet of 15 merchant ships arrived at Okinawa, the USS Minot was one of these. On April 12, the USS Minot brought down a Japanese plane which had strafed the ship. The plane crashed into her No. 4 kingpost wounding 5 seamen.
Apparently the USS Minot ran aground on a coral reef the in the Paracel Islands off the coast of Vietnam. In 1967, after 7 days of preparation, the ship was salvaged. The Minot was carrying heavy equipment at the time she went down

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Simonson's Gas -

Simonson Cut Rate Gas – In July of 1958, Simonson’s Gas came to Minot…. Located on Highway 83 South, ( now South Broadway) …. They guaranteed 2 cents per gallon savings on regular gas and 4 cents per gallon on ethyl (premium) … with a gas purchase you received free coffee and donuts, a free 2 cell flashlight and nylon stockings for only 49 cents a pair. The station is in the same location but has been greatly expanded from the original.

Simonson's 1965

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Fair Dept. Store

Ellisons – The Fair Department Store – The first Fair Store was opened in Minot in 1902 on Main Street, in a location next to and south of what is now Western paint. It was like most stores of the time with a 25 foot frontage. In 1910 the Ellisons moved the store a block south into a new building known as The Fair Block, just south of the intersection of Main Street and 2nd Avenue. In 1929 a newer building was added at the corner and adjacent to The Fair Block. The new building, a large 2 story building with a basement eventually incorporated The Fair Block in 1955 giving Ellisons a 100 foot store front on Main Street. During the Diamond Jubilee in 1961, Ellisons ran a contest to see who could bring in the oldest sales slip showing merchandise purchased at the store. The winner received a wool blanket…. Unfortunately I do not know who won or how old the receipt was.

Ellisons in 1920 before expanding to the corner

Monday, October 8, 2018

A Car Wash in Minot

Supermatic 3 Minute Car Wash – In August of 1958 the Supermatic Car Wash opened on Highway 83 South… During the Grand Opening they provided free coffee and donuts, and balloons and candy for the kids. The Supermatic claimed the total wash time was only 3 minutes form start to finish. They also claimed they could wash any size car.  The vehicle was vacuumed before starting through the wash cycles. I believe this may have been the first automatic car wash in Minot
Pictured is the Car O Matic Car Wash on South Broadway

Friday, October 5, 2018

Slot Machines Found

Abandoned Slot Machines – July, 1958, nine slot machines were discovered in a basement storeroom of a Minot business. The police we, e trying to find out who the owners were… no one came forward to claim them. Two of the newer models were taken to Bismarck by state officials. The older models were held at the Minot Police Dept. pending anyone claiming them. If not claimed these older slot machines were to be destroyed. Value on the slot machines was placed at over $10,000.00. Of course if they were claimed the owner would be in violation of both local and state ordinances.

Vendome Bar on Minot's High Third Street

Thursday, October 4, 2018

NSP Steam Whistle

Steam Whistle retired – A Minot Landmark since 1909 was retired in 1965… The cast iron steam whistle that stood atop the NSP Steam Plant on East Central Avenue was retired and given to the Northwest North Dakota Historical Society. Throughout the years the steam whistle was used as a volunteer fire alarm, an air raid siren, Civil defense warning system and the nightly curfew whistle for kids. The whistle was placed in the museum at the Historical Society on the State Fair grounds

NSP Steam Plant

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Jim Hill and Great Northern RR pt. 3

Sometimes Hill and Great Northern RR gave away pure-bred livestock, especially bulls, to a farmer they knew would farm wisely and be an example, to encourage others to buy land along railroad lines. Hill and G.N. wanted the farmers and small towns to succeed. Then the Great Northern Railway would prosper also. (from North Dakota Studies)

Aerial view of GN Roundhouse

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Jim Hill and Great Northern Pt 2

Hill and Great Northern RR were especially interested in improving farming. They had a rail car with displays. They also had a demonstration rail car going town to town presenting new ideas about farming. Branch lines were built to encourage farming in remote areas. Hill made sure those farmers had a town and a grain elevator. Sometimes Great Northern reduced freight rates to keep the farmers' business. (from North Dakota Studies)

Early 1900's Engine

Monday, October 1, 2018

Jim Hill and Great Northern Pt.1

James "Jim" Hill and the Great Northern railroad were responsible for developing farms and towns in northern North Dakota. By 1887 he and his partners had taken the railroad as far as Minot. Jim Hill liked to go to where the tracks were being built, meet the townspeople and farmers, and decide where to build towns and depots. (from North Dakota Studies)

Great Northern Depot 1906