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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Parking Ramp - May 28, 1970 –

I thought this might be an interesting story to rekindle based on the proposed parking ramps in Downtown Minot now in progress. On the front page of the newspaper on MAy 28,1970 was a story about the proposed parking ramp in Downtown Minot. This ramp was to be built in the ½ block just south of the old Midwest Federal Building or just west of what is now Wells Fargo Bank. Cost to build the ramp in 1970 was $1,600,000 – the ramp was never built as some of the commitments for leasing parking in the ramp did not materialize…. also in the news was the announcement of the store manager for the new Kmart Store being built at the intersection of Highway 83 South and the 2&52 Bypass. The store was scheduled to open on July 9, 1970 – the first store manager was Roger Atkinson – The Kmart store is still in this location …… 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Snowmobiles in City

Iin 1972 the Minot City Council debated an finally passed an ordinance allowing snowmobiles to be ridden in the city as long as they had a 5 foot pole with a red or blaze orange flag at least 10 inches square  attached to the machine. Originally the pole was to be 6 feet tall but the height was reduced by one foot as the club selling the flags only had 5 foot poles. The biggest problem was the enforcement. Those snowmobilers not in compliance were hard to catch as they usually had an easy time eluding the police. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Minot Bars from the Past

The Covered Wagon Bar – at one time the Covered Wagon Bar on Main Street was Minot’s oldest bar opening in 1900. …. The Dutch Mill – opened in 1944 on East Burdick Expressway (Highway 2 East) at the intersection of 27th  Street, (at one time known as Friday’s and now The Rocking Horse Bar) was the top entertainment spot in Minot.  The Little Dutch Mill – opened in 1955 just to the east of the Dutch Mill. It featured short order and curb side drive-in restaurant service. The Little Dutch Mill building is still there – it is now used a living quarters for bands playing at the Rocking Horse….. 

 Covered Wagon
The Dutch Mill
Covered Wagon

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mallard Motors –

In the 1960's Mallard Motors was located at the intersection on 4th Avenue and 6th Street SW in Minot. They claimed to be “Minot’s foremost dealer in fine used cars”. Proprietors were Elwood (Woody) Thorpe and Jim Weiskoph. I think about Mallard Motors often as I go up and down Broadway. They had a small building on a gravel parking lot. The location is now Prairie Federal Credit Union. At one time I had a 1958 Austin Healey 100-6. It was the predecessor to Austin Healy 3000 which Mallard Motors had in their small showroom. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Past Business of Minot

  Harry Cook and Sons Plumbing & Heating – Their ad stated: “Just Dial TE 2-1108 and tell us your problems”. Harry started the business in 1937. In 1948 he and his two sons, Pat and Bob moved to their new location at 400 9th St. SE. The building was best remembered for the neon sign which had a dripping faucet……  Minot Printing Company – started business in 1923. Located at 19 East Central Avenue. Phone number TE 2-6124….. ABC Cleaners – ABC Cleaners started service in their first location in Minot in 1935. Owners of the business were Bob and Bill Kondos, Jr.  As the business grew, they opened two more locations. 729 Second Street NW and 1344 Main Street South…… 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Robertson Lumber –

 The first Robertson Lumber was established by Alec Robertson in Minto, ND in 1881, before North Dakota became a state. His brother, Alvin Robertson, followed the Great Northern Railroad establishing lumber yards all along the route. By the mid 1960’s there were 24 Robertson Lumber yards in northern North Dakota and 19 in northern Minnesota. The Company also had a wholesale outlet, Lumber Dealers Supply, in East Grand Forks. They also operated two gas stations and a lumber mill in Osage, Minnesota cutting 5 million board feet annually. At one time Robertson Lumber handled all types of lumber supplies’ and was the dealer for Anderson Windows, Skil Power tools, Stanley tools and Kwikset locks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gusts Mobil Station

Gusts Super Service was located on the corner of Main Street and 4th Avenue (now Burdick Expressway), next to the Empire Theater. Gust’s was a Mobil Station selling Mobilgas, mobilubrication, and Mobil Permazone Antifreeze. They were old fashioned about courtesy and the “old Fashioned” service that earned service stations their name. Note in the picture below from the 1940's, the Empire Theater was not yet built as that happened in 1952. There was a miniature golf course in the Empire Theater lot but I have not been able to find out the name of it or any information about it, although I do have a picture of it

Gust's Mobil - Main & Burdick

Miniature Golf Course - pre Empire Theater