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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The “Magicians Nickname” --

 Before 1908 a baseball team existed in Minot but it had no nickname, (“Mouse Riverites” did not catch on). In 1908 team organizers wanted to utilize the “Magic City” nickname by naming the team “The Magic City Base Ball Team”. This eventually was shortened to “Magic City Team” then to “Minot Team” or “Minot Boys” and then “Minot Regulars”. However, in 1909 the team became known as the “Magicians”. This name was used through the 1928 season. The Magician name had broad appeal. In 1916 the Minot Normal School, (now Minot State University), used the nickname for its sports teams and also for its yearbook. The high school deferred to the Normal School until the summer of 1925 when students at the Normal School (MSU) chose the beaver as their mascot. The yearbook was also title The Beaver. After that the “Magician” name was claimed by the high school. Eventually the names “Magi” and “Majettes” would be developed from the Magicians nickname. ..... As researched by Susan Gessner

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Minot Nickname Officially Used –

The first major event to use the nickname was “The Magic City Harvest Festival” in 1908. This was sponsored by the Minot Commercial Club, (the forerunner of the Chamber of Commerce.) The event was held on September 28th and 29th on Main Street. It featured a large banner across Main Street titled “Welcome to the Magic City” and subtitled “The Pride of the Northwest”. When asked about using the name “Magic City”, the response in the Minot Daily Reporter was as follows: “While growth in Minot did not show “mushroom growth”, if one looks at the list of improvements attained in the city you would see the growth that has been going on for the last few years is substantial and geared towards the future.
As researched by Susan Gessner

Harvest Festival 1908

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

“The Magic City” nickname is Adopted

“The Magic City” nickname is Adopted harsh and Minot did suffer from a shortage on coal. Rumors spread the North Dakota, (especially the area around Minot), was starved, frozen and almost wiped off the face of the earth. Local businessmen realized these stories were damaging and prevented hundreds of people from coming to the state. The Minneapolis Tribune sent a reported to Minot. He quickly realized that the rumors were just that. They promised the state and Minot a full page at no charge to respond to the stories. Some of the local articles, stories and ads by Frank E Graves used the nickname “Minot – The Magic City”. This was in early 1907 and seems to have solidified the nickname for Minot

As Researched by Susan Gessner

Monday, December 5, 2016

Minot Nicknames – Early -

Minot Nicknames – Early  - As researched and provided by Susan Gessner

Minot may have had its Magic City nickname early but it was short lived if at all.. Minot Started in 1886 and by October 1887 the population had grown to about 1500. Because of disease, drought and depression the population dropped to 575 by the 1800 census and back to 1277 by the 1900 census. A variety of nicknames were found in the early 1900’s. “City on the Mouse” and “Metropolis on the Mouse”,  due to its location next to the river…. “The Town of Bones” because of the buffalo bone trade and “The Sodom and Gomorrah of the West” due to the wide open lawless nature of the town. Other names included “The City of Destiny” and “The City of the Hills” and at one time “The Gem City”. The earliest reference to “The Magic City” seems to have originated in 1906 and by 1907 the name seemed to be established. 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Minot Eagles Club --  In April of 1972 the new Minot Eagles Club was dedicated and opened to members. The club was located at the intersection  of 2nd Avenue and 16th St. SW, across from Arrowhead Shopping Center. In less than a year, the Eagles membership had grown from 1800 to over 3200. The Minot Eagles Club was organized in 1942 and the new home was the fourth location. Prior to this opening the club was located at 110 1st Street SE, later the home of the Chicago Club. The new club was about 17,500 square feet and built at a cost of $483, 365.00….

Eagles Club - Downtown Minot 1961
Eagles Club by Arrowhead Shopping Center - 1985

Thursday, December 1, 2016

One More Story about High Third

Henry’s Pool Hall – bands would play on the weekends. One long time resident of Third Street told me that when the bands would play on a busy weekend night the horn players would have handkerchiefs in their hands to hold on to the instruments. My source said the horns would get so hot that you could not touch them. Also the windows of the Parrot Inn on many a Sunday morning would be all boarded up due to fights. The windows would all be blown out the night before.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Downtown Minot in 1950 – Entertainment –

 If one wanted to watch a movie  there was the Orpheum Theater, The Strand and The State. In 1952 the Empire opened. Admission was a quarter and a bag of popcorn was a dime.

For more adult entertainment and refreshments there were a number of bars in Downtown Minot. There was the Brown Derby, The Buffalo Tap, Brady’s, The Covered Wagon, North Main Tavern, The Terrace, The Grand Tavern, Lee’s, The 13 Club and Vaughn’s . Downtown Minot provided all ages with some sort of entertainment in 1950.

Covered Wagon Bar
Orpheum Theater