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Friday, December 19, 2014

Olson Electric

EN Olson Electric Works – Olson Electric Works was founded on December 29, 1927  at 109 -111 First Street South East. Initially Olson Electric manufactured wind chargers and storage batteries for use on the farm. After REA’s (Rural Electric Cooperatives) became popular they switched to sales and servicing appliances and electric motors. They also repaired and did electric motor rebuilding. Olson Electric also carried a full line of appliance parts, and all parts needed for electric motor repair.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

City BakeryInter

City Bakery in Minot began in 1914. In the beginning deliveries were made in horse drawn wagons by the owners, Stein Johnson and Frank Sampson. The nicest of the delivery wagons was enclosed and made in Philadelphia. There was one employee at the time, Salem Blomberg. Prior to closing, City Bakery was owned by Olger Barnsness. Their motto was “Fresh from the ovens daily”. City Bakery was located at 210 South Main Street. During the flood of 1969 the City Bakery vans were used at night to deliver food and beverages to volunteers working on the dikes.

Interior - City Bakery

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Main Motors

Main Motors was located at the intersection of Main Street and 4th Avenue. At one time Main Motors was owned by Missouri Valley Motors of Bismarck. On April 1, 1960, four people purchased the business and changed the name to Main Motors. Those four included Don Moe, Alvin Officer, Bert LaHart and Sam Marshall. In 1960 Moe and Officer bought out the other two and became the principal owners. In March of 1963 Main Motors was moved to a new location at 108 #rd St. and became Lahart-Moe Inc. The business was franchised through and sold all Chrysler products. Eventually Don Moe would buy out Lahart and move the business to 3615 South Broadway under the name of Don Moe Motors. Through other owners and name changes the business became Minot Chrysler Center and is now known as Minot Automotive Center, selling Chrysler and Toyota products. 

Main Motors - 1950's

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Grow Clothing

Another business that was located on the north end of Main Street in the early 1900’s was Grow Clothing. They were across the street from the Dacotah Hotel ( about where the SOO Line Depot is now). In 1905 Grow Clothing was holding a gopher tail contest. The reason was to help the farmers reduce the gopher population that was damaging crops. The contest was open until July 3rd with prizes being awarded on July 4th. The winner received a $20.00 suit of clothes. Anyone turning in over 100 gopher tails was to receive a prize. In 1907 the business ran into hard times and in 1910 Grow Clothing was Purchased by the Cohn Clothing Co. In 1916 the store was purchased by MG Olson and became part of the Olson Men’s stores which had locations throughout the state.

Monday, December 15, 2014

FW Roach Elevator

FW Roach Elevator – one of the first grain elevators was built and managed by FW Roach. The earliest information I have is a picture from the early 1900’s and the article in the Ward County Independent on Sept. 27, 1905 in which he stated … “When Marketing your grain, visit the Roach Elevator and I feel certain you will be satisfied with the treatment you receive. I can guarantee to give you price equal to any in the state. I am determined as one grain man to make Minot the best marketing point in the northwest. Remember the FW Roach Elevator near the Great Northern Track in Minot.”  Roach was also one of the earlier land developers in the Minot downtown area.

FW Roach Elevator about 1900

Friday, December 12, 2014

Memories of the Past #5 -

 On the corner of Central Avenue and 1st to the East of Main there is a big brick building (across from the parking lot now that used to be the hotel) there was a discount women’s store back in the early 60's, I don't remember the name of it. Then it was a Joseph’s hairstyling college for a good number of years. Now it sits empty.

 At the turn of the century this building was home to the Grand Forks Grocery Co. . In the early 1900’s it was purchased by some local men and became the Minot Grocery co. which eventually evolved into Nash Finch.

Minot Grocery Building

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Memories of the Past #4

-  Rick's Jewelers on Main Street used to be Sharks Men's Store. The American Cafe still has the same front but is Abacadabra balloons now.  I think, after looking around, that Fiancee was Bader’s Women’s Wear and the Buttrey's store was a couple of doors south. There was also Taube's somewhere on Main street. I noticed "The Fair" sign is still on Ellisons front overhang.

What used to be B&B Drug, Minot Business College, Gaffaney’s and Northwest Sporting Goods on 1st Street (west of Main) is all parking lot!! In that same block there was also the  13 Club and McCurdy’s CafĂ©. Across the Street was Toivo’s Jewelers and The Legion Club just north of American State Bank.