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Thursday, March 5, 2015

YMCA Disco Classes – 1978 –

with the popularity of the disco music scene the YMCA decided to have a disco dance class. The dance class was so popular they had to add a second class. The classes were on Monday evenings at 7:30 and 9:00. Even with the second class being added there were still 76 people on the waiting list to join the classes. The instructor was lived on the Minot Air Force Base and had attended the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Chicago. She would be teaching disco dances including the Latin Hustle, Freak and Swing. The participants joined for a variety of reasons but most were just curious about Disco.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Westlie – Truck Assembly Line – 1927

 In May of 1927 the Ford Motor Company stopped production of the Model T Truck to retool their plants for the new Model A. The conversion was going to be a 2 year process. During that time, Westlie Motors set up an assembly line on the top floor of its business here in Minot. The parts were ordered directly from Ford Motor Company. Westlie Motors was the only dealer in the country to do this. In the fall of 1927, 38 trucks rolled off the assembly line.  In 1928, 50 trucks were assembled. When the Model A trucks came out in late 1928, the demand for the Model T ceased as did Minot’s first and only automobile assembly line .

 the Original Westlie Motors.... note gas pump on sidewalk on Central Ave.
Westlie Motors after expansion. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Minot – A Glimpse of the Early Years #2…

Another Glimpse at early Minot as stated in a early 1970's Article...... In 1911 the horse and dog watering fountain was placed on Main Street at the corner of Second Avenue. Ice boxes were popular before electric refrigerators and harvest and storing ice from the river was a big industry in Minot. Minot had few paved streets in the 1920’s but parking was a problem on the weekends and all the vehicles owned by the booze runners waited for darkness to head to Canada for their supply to distribute throughout the country. Early streets in Downtown Minot were paved with wooden blocks to help eliminate dust. After heavy rainstorms the blocks had a tendency to float ways and then had to be replaced by city workers

Monday, March 2, 2015

Minot – Glimpses of the Early Years –

 In the very early years the Governor of North Dakota was one R.A/ Nestos of Minot. Minot city leaders seemed to be on a roughrider kick as Riverside Park was renamed to Roosevelt Park and the new grade school was named Roosevelt School. Before 1920 the first Minot Chamber president, Carl E Danielson predicted that someday there would be a gravel road all the way from Minot to Bismarck. Because the roads were so bad or almost non-existent it was not unusual for a trip to Bismarck to consist of taking a train from Minot to Drake, then from Drake to Max and a third train from Max to Bismarck. In early Minot the silent movies were enhanced by music from an orchestra pit. The violinist was most often provided by Minot resident Arturo Petricci. 

Early road construction on Highway 83 South

Friday, February 27, 2015

Tent Town – Minot Early rival –

 in late 1886 Minot seemed to have a rival city in Tent Town…. This was the temporary camp set up at the Gasman Coulee near the railroad bridge that was being built. Rumor had it that the railroad planned to build a city at the second crossing of the Mouse River. The first crossing of the Mouse was near Towner. Many thought the city would be “at the big bridge”. Some started building make shift wooden buildings in anticipation of the city growing there. The decision to establish the city at the Minot location had been made but kept secret for a while. When word got out, the city of Minot grew and Tent Town remained through the construction of the bridge as many workers wanted to live close to the job site

Gasman Coulee bridge after a tornado destroyed it in 1898.
This area was the site of Tent Town

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pizza Plus –

I do not remember this restaurant but it came up in discussion again within the last week..... On May 2, 1977 Pizza Plus was celebrating its grand opening. Pizza Plus was located at the intersection of South Highway 83 and the 2 & 52 Bypass, next to Chateau Bowling Alley.  Their grand opening specials included a free small pizza with the order of a medium or large pizza. They featured a noon special of a ham and cheese sandwich for only 77 cents. Customers could register for daily prizes and the grand prize was a 10 speed bike. Pizza Plus also had a large game area and showed old time movies. They boasted plenty of free parking available. This location is now the home of Hardee’s on South Broadway.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Early Churches in Minot – After the original town site of Minot was established, the Methodists, Presbyterians and Baptists were the first congregations to take advantage of free lots offered to churches. Within two years after the town had started and as early as 1884, these three denominations all had houses of worship within a block of Main Street on 2nd Avenue in Downtown Minot. The Methodists formed the first congregations held the first church services…. The Presbyterians were the second to form a congregation and the first to erect a building in the city….. the Baptists were the first to build a brick walled church. By 1887 the Roman Catholic and Lutheran Churches were established in Minot also.

 1st Lutheran 1892
 The First Presbyterian Church
St Leo's Church - 1900