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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 42 - Aug 2, 2011

Things are progressing in the basement cleanout. 2 1/2 rooms to clean out the remains and then off comes the sheetrock. Most of the ceiling is down, the flood took care of that. It will be easy getting it off the walls. When basement is done then the upstairs walls will be stripped of sheetrock and cupboards. It is a slow process. I am on vacation from the radio station. I drop Pat and Dacotah off so she can continue to work while I go down and clean out the house. We have filled one consturction dumpster so far, working on the second. It will be great when the "Mud Out" team arrives to help. they will help finish the cleanup and sheetrock removal, then power wash and treat with mold chemicals and then we need to dry it out.
It is good that the house will be rewired as I am seeing a lot of old style wiring now that the ceiling is down in the basement. We will be making a few modifications when we put the basement back together.
The "Mad Max" trucks, (I refer to the big trucks cleaning the boulevards as this as they look like something out of the Mad Max movies), have been through the neighborhood once and did a good job of cleaning up the debris. Still no word from neighbors on the fate of the houses with collapsed basements......

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