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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sammy's Pizza

Sammy’s Pizza on Central Ave. – The Sammy’s Pizza in the 60’s was located on West Central Avenue. About 2 doors east of Broadway. The booths were in the back. The pizza’s were made in the front of the place next to the windows. I recall dough being tossed in the air during the Pizza making process. Next door to the west in the early 60’s I have been told the corner spot was the Bus Depot. The Bus Depot moved and in the late 60’s this area became Poor Roger’s Surplus (I believe the name is correct.) The only thing I remember about the store is that it seemed to have a continuous “Going out of Business” sale going on…. Eventually Poor Roger’s Surplus did actually “go out of business”.

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  1. I remember climbing on the foundation of the Grand Hotel on the way to Sammy's to watch our pizza being made. Then up to A & W for a gallon of root beer and home to a n episode of Bonanza. I believe the western third of the buiding, what can be seen here, was torn down for the Broadway viaduct widening.
    My gradfather has photos from the roof of this buiding from 1939 when the Norwegian president visited. The phoros show the old Central Ave.extension down to the Great Northern depot.