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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 63 - Aug 23, 2011

Yesterday, we took the day off from working on the house. Emptied the dehumidifiers in the morning and again on the way home last night. Today I will call a local contractor, friend who will stop by and give me some advice on the beam that needs to replace the load bearing wall that bears no loads. Also expecting a call from the Southern Baptist group about getting a power wash in the house. We are going to continue taking down lathe and plaster until after the wiring is done. The more that goes the better.
Tonight I will finish pulling nails out of the base trim molding so we can start the process of salvaging as much as we can. Most of it is 1x12 quarter sawn oak base molding with a 1x2 oak trim piece on top. It is dry and we will clean it with water and maybe denatured alcohal.
The kitchen layout is decided upon but will not order until the wiring is done and kitchen floor is repaired or replaced. Some of the hardwood flooring in the kitchen will be used to patch some small areas in the dining room and hallway that were damaged when walls were separating some of the past apartments. .............. All for now

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