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Monday, August 15, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 55 - Aug 15, 2011

The weekend was most productive. On Friday morning, 3 people from the Samaritans Purse came to help for a few hours before they left town. They found out I was working by myself and offered a hand. Two ladies from Michigan and one young guy from North Carolina. By 11:00 am they had the kitchen walls done.
About 10:00 am John walked in and asked who the home owner was. I told him it was me and he said "we are here to help". He and 11 others were from a Mormon Church in Wyoming. The group was like a machine going through the house. By 7 pm the basement was empty, most of the floors and everything else. The main floor has all the sheetrock and lathe and plaster out up to the 4' mark. on the outside walls we went all the way to the ceiling as there is no insulation in the walls at all. There are still some nails to pull and bits of lathe, plaster and nails behind the window and door moldings. These people were great and helped immensely. In the kids playroom in the basement we had a surprise when the floor was removed. The wooden floor was built on floor joists setting in the dirt. Through the years, the floor joists and wood floor had started to rot away. So out it all came.
On Sunday, Chuck, a friend, came over to help me remove the floors in the back two rooms as the same situation was there. The back room was done in quick order. We pulled the floor off the big room where my shop was and found another floor below. That made 3 layers of flooring in this room. We started taking off the bottom layer to get to the floor joists but ran out of time. I still have that to finish. It looks like I will need to pour concrete to fix these 3 rooms. About 800 sq. ft. or 30 sq yards.... probably going to run about $10,000 to fix floors. More later.............


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