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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 51 - Aug 11, 2011

Yesterday was a productive day. I ran into Mike Berg, (of B&B Drug fame), and he offered to come to the house to help. Since the rolloff dumpster had not been emptied, we decided to tear out the kitchen. By 3 pm it was gone. we trashed the base cabinets and saved the upper cabinets for future use in the garage or whenever I get another wood working shop. We then snapped a chalk line at 4 feet all around the main floor rooms. All sheetrock below that line will come out. I am going to run a saw around the walls at that height to make an even seam.
Today I am going to remove all the 1/12 solid oak base molding on the main floor. I am going to label them on the back so we can reuse most of them, hopefully in the same place they came from. Once that is doen I will try to finish off the little that is left to do in the basement. One set of base cabinets in the back room and some lathe and plaster. A lot of nails to remove in all the studs in the basement also. .... if I get all this done, I will call it a day.

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