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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 57 - Aug 17, 2011

Brother Mark is here and work is continuing in the basement. One half of the basement floors are concrete. The rest of the floors, (about 800 sq. ft), were wooden floors built on 2X10 floor joists that were on the ground. The floor joists have been deteriorating for years and the floors needed to come out. The big room in the basement where my shop was had layers of floors. On top were 2 plywood layers. Below that was a 1x4 floor that Chuck Barney and I pulled out and the bottom layer was a 1x12 floor on top of the 1/2 rotten floor joists. All has been romoved. Mark and I pulled out the last of it yesterday. We also found that the bottom plate on one of the support walls had rotted away. Not much support there so I ran to Muus and picked up a couple jack posts to make sure there was some support.
A friend came by and gave me the name of a small, local contractor who does concrete work..... I had called 7 others with no response from 6 of them. One said he could pour the basement floor next year. Pat and I met with Josh from Double J and he will be doing our floor, possibly within a month and at a better price than I was expecting to pay.... It will still run about $9-10,000 to have the floor put in. He has a contact who may be able to replace the support wall with a beam. This will really open up a large portion of the basement into one big room.
Josh also does landscaping. We will have him remove the top layer of our lawn to get rid of all the clay so we can start over again next year on that.
I am waiting for the Southern Baptist Team to come over and inspect for a Power wash in the basement and main floor. They will then treat the house with a mold inhibitor..... then reconstruction can begin..... We need an electrician.....


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