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Friday, August 19, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 59 - Aug 19, 2011

Work continues in the house. Wednesday, Jim Hatelid, a fellow city alderman, came over and helped Mark and I remove lathe and plaster behind molding. On Thursday, yesterday, Tom Hinzpeter showed up and we removed more and also much of the lather and plaster in the pantry. Today we will continue with that but first another wall will be removed in the basement. This wall will open the furnace room into a very large room that will give the furnace people and plumbers more room to work. The extra floor jacks I ordered are here so I will pick them up at Muus Lumber this morning.
I was told now that heating ducts can be cleaned and do not have to be replaced. I imagine this is to expedite people getting heat into the houses before it gets cold. I have a company from Grand Forks scheduled to do this on the 25th at noon. We need to get a power wash done first. Still waiting for the Southern Baptist team to come and I have a line on another company in town doing power washing.
I am still trying to get an engineer to look at the possiblilty of installing a beam in the center of the basement for more support and to open up the area. it seems like it could be done and there are concrete footings in place to use as a base.
The decision has been made on the kitchen layout.... will order after we get and electrician in and wiring is done. We still have to pick out a new back door to be installed by a carpenter.
The house itself is getting close to being done.... still have the garage to finish up.


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