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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sanitation Laboratory 1944 –

 The Sanitation Laboratory was responsible for supervision of water supplies, sewage disposal, milk and food sanitation, swimming pools and any other nuisances which may affect public health.
Restaurant sanitation was one of the major activities. A total of 72 restaurants were operating in the city. During the year 10 Food Handlers Classes were held for 223 food handlers. A total of 783 restaurant inspections were made and 461 rim tests on glasses and silverware were made.
A total of 377 bacteriological tests were made on the Minot City water. Also 98 dairy and 59 pasteurization inspections were conducted…

Due to the recommendation of this unit, the City of Minot passed an ordinance that eliminated all outdoor privies or outhouses within the city limits or where sanitary sewers exist.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Street Lights - 1944 Electric Bill

1944 – Street Lighting – in 1944 the cost of street lights in Minot was apparently by the watts of electricity and the number of lamps.
Ornamental Lamps
60 watt lamps @ $16.00 per year x 204 …… 75 watt lamps @ $18.00 per year x 57. …..
100 watt lamps @ $20.00 per year x 119 ….
Overhead Lamps
40 CP @ $21.00 per year x 253 ….. 400 CP lamps @ $25.00 per year x 103

The City was considering seeking a new contract based on total kilowatt power used rather than a paying a fee per lamp …. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Minot Planning Commission – 1944

 Because of WWII, the Minot Planning Commission had not been active nor had it met since 1942. At that time the city adopted a Six Year Public Work Program in cooperation with the Federal Works Agency and the National Resources Planning Board. The lack of activity result from the fact that the Six Year Program as adopted was unusually comprehensive and required no revision. The City Council during that time did not refer any matters to the Planning Commission.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Minot Police Dept – 1944 –

 A new motorcycle was purchased for the Police Dept. in 1942 a bicycle licensing program was adopted. in 1944 a total of 100 new bicycle licenses were issued compared to 231 the previous year. 442 renewals were also issued, down from 914 the year before. And 95 bicycle transfers were issued. A fee of 50 cents was charged for each bicycle with a single seat. 25 cents was charged for renewals and transfers. Total collections in 1944 were $185.50

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Time Off

I will be taking a couple days off over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I wish all my followers a

Merry Christmas

Barber Shop Inspection- 1944 –

W.E.Seger was reappointed as the Barber Shop Inspector. He resigned on January 5, 1945 and was replaced by Mr. Goodwin Hensrud. Twenty were made in 1944. There were 38 licensed barber chairs compared to 36 the year before. The barber shops pay $1.00 per year per chair. The fees could be paid in four installments over the year. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Minot Stats - 1944

This is from the 1944 Minot City Report
Population - (from the 1940 census) - 16,577
Area - about 4 square Miles
Streets - total -- 55 Miles
Streets - Paved - 28 Miles
Gas Mains - 28 miles
Sewers - 33 miles
Assessed (full) value - $12,181,936.00

Tax Budget (1944-45) $272,435.00

Monday, December 21, 2015

1944 Minot Annual Report

Off and on I will be presenting excerpts from the 1944 Minot Annual Report .... In 1944 the World War II was coming to an end. As quoted in the 1944 Annual Report… “ The winning of the war in Europe and the consequent greater efforts being planned against Japan increases the probability that peace will be restored in the near future making it incumbent on the City Administration to perfect its plans for the post-war period so as to best meet the unusual conditions generally anticipated.

Some of the Post war improvements needed in Minot included: replacement of all wood block paving still remaining in downtown Minot …. Attention given to the flooding of the 6th Street Underpass.   … a survey of the underground water resources to determine availability… Securing a site for the new City Hall (at this time City Hall was on First Avenue behind Montgomery Wards)…. and adding a new fire station… 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Jupiter Christmas Specials – 1963 –

 The Jupiter Store in Minot was located at 8 South Main Street. . In 1963 the newspaper ad featured these specials for the Christmas shopper. A boy’s or girl’s 26 inch bicycle for $29.88…. ¼ inch electric drill - $7.72 …. 6 big rolls of Christmas wrapping paper – 88 cents …. Sorry game - $2.27 …. Monopoly game - $2.99 …. Ladies Dusters - $1.88 …. Men’s thermal sox – 2 pr – 66 cents …. A 4 foot aluminum, Christmas tree - $2.87 …. A 6 foot tree for $4.68 ….  And an 18 ounce can of mixed nuts for 57 cents.  The building is now the home of Main Street Books and was formerly the home of Western Paint and Glass

Jupiter - 1961

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Reub’s Camera – Second Anniversary

– September of 1959 found Reub’s Camera celebrating their second anniversary. The popular cameras of the day were those that used 620, 120 and 127 film which Reub was featuring at 24 cents per roll. One could also register to wain a free Emerson Transistor Radio valued at $64.00.  The highlight of the opening was a Free Polaroid demonstration. You could have you picture taken with the new Polaroid camera….. Cutting edge technology at that time

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Whites Dairy –

 Lester Dahlen, former manager of Bridgeman Creamery, bought Whites Ice Cream from Eldon White in 1958. In 1970, Dahlen purchased Purity Dairy and Merged it with Whites Ice Cream in White’s Purity Dairy. In 1973, White’s Purity Dairy was sold to Jerry Goetz of Minot and James Winger of Towner. Goetz was the General Manager and the business was to be run as separate venture of the Winger Cheese Company of Towner. White’s Dairy had been in operation since 1904.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Diamond’s Jack & Jill (Chain Grocery) –

 Diamond’s Department Store and Diamond’s Jack and Jill were operated by James and Jerry Diamond and Stan Fink. Diamond’s Jack and Jill was formerly known as Chain Food Store. In February of 1960 the decision was made to discontinue the grocery operation and devote full time operations and expansion to the hard goods and soft goods lines. This would eventually evolve into Diamond’s Department Store with locations on North Broadway and Arrowhead Shopping Center. Also Young America would be located in the Town & Country Shopping Center.

Interior - Chain Grocery

Monday, December 14, 2015

13 Club and Others

Past Bars in Minot -   North Main Tavern located in the same block as the First National Bank, north of Central Avenue on the west side of Main St. The Covered Wagon was located a door or two up from the American Cafe on the east side Main St, south of Central Avenue. These were the first bars to have the dancing "go go girls" in Minot. Shortly thereafter Gordon's Holiday Spot and the 13 Club on 1st St. got them. Gordon's is now Hibachi restaurant. Trails West Bottle shop was I think the Sundowner and then SideKicks. Back in the middle 60's Gordon's Holiday Spot lounge-bar the band "The Evans Sisters and Carl" played. It was a pretty popular night spot at the time. 

 Covered Wagon
13 Club

Friday, December 11, 2015

Big Boy Drive-Inn – in the newspaper on December 22, 1960 the Big Boy Drive-Inn ran an ad stating they would close for business on December 24, (Christmas Eve) and not reopen until February 1, 1961 for their employee’s annual vacation. My first job in Minot was at The Big Boy Drive-Inn… no such vacations was available in 1965 as I recall. But then at 80 cents and hour I wanted as many hours of work as possible to support my needs like cars, drums, dating and more.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Headlines from May 3, 1973

Thursday May 3, 1973 -- 42 years ago --  Headlines – The Minot City Council proposed a pay plan that recognizes merit and longevity ….. Spring Activities ….. Kmart was advertising flowers, bedding plants, trees and bushes …. Big Bear was advertising fishing and camping equipment for the season opening. They were staying open until midnight for the shoppers to get ready for opening day…. Jerry Iverson, at that time a teacher at Minot High was named the outstanding member of the North Dakota Vocational Agriculture Association – he would later go on to manage the ND State Fair ….. Empire Theater showing the Valachi Papers …. The Torchlight was featuring Dennis and Cree…. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Grand Hotel Fire – Aftermath –

 Late in January of 1960 the Grand Hotel caught fire and was completely destroyed by fire. The fire was believed to have started in the Triangle Shop or the basement of PW Miller, both tenants in the building. On the Saturday following the fire, what remained of the front wall collapsed onto Central Avenue. The rubble was cleared and the road opened. The back wall still stood but was scheduled for demolition. All guests staying at the hotel had been accounted for. Many businesses were located in the building. PW Miller Co, mainly a war surplus store was moving into the Westlie Tire Building, just across the street. Other businesses seeking new locations included the Grand Barber Shop, the Triangle Shop. The S&H Green Stamp Store and Grand Photography Studio. Also looking for new locations were the Grand Billiard Hall, Minot roofing and Cornice, and the Pioneer Bar and Grand CafĂ©. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

KG Men’s Store –

 In December of 1960 there were a number of stores where a man could purchase a suit. These included Greengard Cranston, Schneider’s Men’s Store, Jay’s, Squtt’s, and KG Men’s Store. All of these were in Downtown Minot as no shopping centers were built in the city at this time. KG’s Men’s Store was running a year end Suit Sale…. Over 900 suits reduced with prices starting as $29.00 up to $79.00. The famous Kuppenheimer brand of suits were also on sale as were topcoats and sport coats. Because of the huge price reductions there was a small charge for any alterations which normally were free. When Town & Country Shopping Center opened KG’s Men’s Store would move to that location

 Greengards on Central Ave
Squtt's Mens Store 
Greengard - Cranston on Main Street 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Johnson Motors Co. –

 it was late December of 1960 that Carmen Johnson purchased the Chevrolet dealership from Ole and Galen Frosaker. At one time Johnson owned a Chevrolet dealership in Council Grove, Ks. Frosaker Motors started in 1921 by Ole and his brother Knute Frosaker. In the very early years they held the Chrysler franchise but soon became exclusive Chevrolet dealers. Johnson would eventually move the Chevrolet dealership on South Second Street (about where Wells Fargo Bank is) to its current location on South Broadway. The Frosaker Motor location is now the Wells Fargo - Broadway 

 Frosaker Motors 
Frosaker Motors/Johnson Chevrolet Demo

Friday, December 4, 2015

Victor's Dance Studio

Super Grill – In October of 1960 the Super Grill in North Second Street ( North Broadway) was advertising a complete cube steak dinner…. This included a salad, French fries, toast and coffee for 69 cents…. The advertisement above the Super Grill ad was for Victor’s Dance Studio. Class lessons for teenagers were $1.00 per week. The Ladies Dance Special was a 10 week dance course for two for only $44.50…. this included two studio dance parties… Victor’s Dance Studio was located at 102 4th Ave SE. (Burdick Expressway) across from M&H gas

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Super Grill Restaurant --

 Grand opening was in July of 1958…. Super Grill was located next to the Super Valu on Second Street NW.( North Broadway). The Super Grill featured the finest home baked pies in Minot. Opening specials featured  Noon Specials for 75 cents … specials changed daily. They also featured filtered water. Dinner specials included a T-bone steak dinner for $2.49…. Walleye Dinner for $1.50… and a Chef’s Salad for only 79 cents. 

the Super Grill is next to Super Valu - the cars are parked in front of the restaurant

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

1958 - Mallard Motors

In 1958 Mallard Motors was located at the intersection of 4th Avenue and 6th St SW. This is now a vacant lot across the street from Rent-A-Wreck. The phone number in 1958 was 20-111. Featured cars for sale included a 57 Rambler, a 54 Nash and a 51 Chevy 4 door. All vehicles from Mallard Motors came with a one year guarantee in writing. Later, in the Mid to late 60’s, Mallard Motors moved to South Broadway at the location now occupied by Prairie Federal Savings

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Phone Numbers – 1959 –

On September 2o, 1959 the new 7 digit phone numbers went into effect. All telephones would have new numbers consisting of 2 letters and 5 numbers. (TE 8-1212 as an example). New phone directories were sent out so everyone could find the new numbers. HOW TO Dial: to call TE 8-1212, for example, you simply dial the letter “T”, then the letter “E”, then the figure 8 followed by the last four numbers. Long distance calls were placed through the operator after giving them your new number. Long before the days of touch phones.

 1959 Phone Book
Restaurant Page from 1959 Phone book