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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

History Of Thomas Funeral Home

Martin Jacobson Home – Martin Jacobson was well known in the early days of Minot. He had a large ranch south of Burlington and built the Jacobson Building on the north end of Main Street that housed Jacobson Hardware, Union National Bank and the Opera House. The large house he built at 304 South Main Street was a surprise for his wife who suffered from tuberculosis. He built the house to accommodate his six children and also because he was fond of hosting large social gatherings. During the 1920s and into the 1930s, the home served as a rooming house for nurses employed at Trinity Hospital. From the later 1930s until 1944, it served as a public rooming house. Ben Thomas purchased the home in 1944 and with some remodeling, opened it as Thomas Funeral Home in 1945

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Toyota In Minot

Asplund Toyota – Wendall Asplund started his first service garage and body shop on Minot’s north side in 1927. The first franchise Asplund had was the Pullman Coach. Through the years Asplund also sold Kaiser vehicles, Willys and finally in 1955, Studebaker. Asplund eventually became the Toyota dealer. When I first had dealings with Asplund Toyota they were located on South Broadway, just south of the old Frosaker Motor building. The service/shop entrance was located on Broadway. Driving in was no problem. To back out, you needed someone to watch traffic as you exited. Asplund eventually built a dealership on north hill. The Toyota franchise was purchased by Ryan Chevrolet and then by Minot Chrysler.

 the original home of Asplund Motors

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bowling on South Hill

Chateau Lanes Bowling Alley – this bowling alley was on the south end of Minot. It was located about where Perkins and Slumberland are now. I believe it was a 24 lane bowling alley and the home of many bowling leagues. The bar located inside the bowling alley was The Alley Cat Lounge.

Friday, April 25, 2014

1964 - Magic Mile Merchants

Sept 25, 1964 – Magic Mile Merchants – The Magic Mile Merchants (South Broadway) also had an association and had an insert in the newspaper featuring many of their members. Some of these were: King Leo’s Drive-In, (home of the 15 cent hamburger on the south end of town)…. Import Motors – Used vehicles and Volkswagon dealer…… Budget Furniture – 1545 South Broadway…..  Minot Woodworks – featured custom or pre-finished kitchens and Built in Appliances ….. Swenson’s Furniture – 1933 South Broadway ….. The Electronic Center – 1512 South Broadway – Sales of Radio, TV and Stereo ….. Kelly’s Bottle Shop, Kelly’s Tavern and Kelly’s T&C Liquor and the Hub Bar …… Self Service Furniture – and North America Trail-R-Ama – Campers of all Types…. Drawz Stoker – Heating systems.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

1964 - Business on North Hill

Sept 25, 1964 – North Hill Merchants Association – A double page newspaper ad promoting the development of North Hill sponsored by the North Hill Merchants association. The ad included a map of with the 26 North Hill Businesses involved and a map of the neighborhood. The Hill Top Bottle Shop was under construction. Harry’s Tire Service had a warehouse, Henry’s Drive In was open, Poor Rog’s Surplus and the Starlite Club were there. The Westland 83 Truck Stop was 1 mile north of the Airport and there were two gas stations…. North Hill Texaco and Jerry’s Standard Service. National Car Rentals could be found at Jerry’s Standard.  The ad also proclaimed that north hill now had “fine paved streets in every direction”.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Main Street - 1904 #3

1904 – Main Ave – west side north of First St .. First street is now known as Central Avenue. On the northwest corner, (according to the insurance maps was a bank, Second National Bank, later known as First National Bank. The original bank was not as large as it is today. Just to the west between the bank and the alley were office buildings with a print shop. On the west side of the alley was the Union Hotel. To the north of the bank was a meat shop then an office building followed by a barber shop and jewelry store. Next, in the area of the Soo Line Depot,  came a pool hall, men’s clothing store and a drug store. It appears as though a tailor shop was right next to the tracks.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1904 Main St #2

1904 – Main Ave – east side north of First St. Again, First Street is now Central Avenue. On the northeast corner was the Jacobson Building which house the Opera House, Jacobson Hardware, Union National Bank and the Post Office. Across the alley east of The Opera House was a tin shop and on the corner Wholesale Grocery, the forerunner to Nash Finch..To the north of the Opera House on main St was a large Men’s Clothing Store…Then another Drug store and Billiard Hall.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Minot - 1904

1904 Downtown Minot North of RR Tracks  - The railroad was a mainstay for Minot…. In 1904 there appeared to only one set of tracks running through town. Main Avenue (Street) crossed the tracks at grade, (no bridge). North of the Tracks on the east side of Main it appears there were two office buildings and an unnamed bakery and restaurant. On the west side of Main you could access two grain elevators nest to the railroad tracks. The Acme Elevator and the FW Roach elevator. Right on Main there three buildings and one seems to be an unnamed restaurant.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Minot Downtown in 1904

In the early days of Minot the Downtown area was vastly different than it is now. The streets had names and not numbers. The Avenues were numbered but much differently than today. Main Street was as it is now and the center of Minot. The Street to the west of Main Street now known as First Avenue SW was then known as Reishus Avenue . It also had a small ravine running most of its length with a walk bridge spanning it or filled in on some cross streets. First Street to the East was then known as Ramstad Avenue. Second Street East was Welcome Avenue. Third Street was Belyea Avenue and Fourth Street was Pleasant Avenue ….  What we now know as Avenues were the streets it seems. Central Avenue was First Street and so on. So…. Burdick Expressway which was Fourth Avenue, in 1904 was actually Fifth Street.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anderson Block

The Anderson Block was on the east side First Street SW between First and Second Avenues… I contained apartments on the upper floors and at one time businesses on the Main Floor. It was across the street from the Downtown Red Owl… many of the older residents would shop for groceries at the Red Owl Store. It was torn down in early August 1975 to make room for an expansion to the Parking lot for Union National Bank (now US Bank)

Anderson Block demolition

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Big "M" Sign

May 28th, 1971 – A new lighted sign was illuminated on this date on top of Midwest Federal Building. People present for the lighting event included the Mayor, Chester Reiten … members of Midwest Federal included Lester Dahlen, Harold Porter, John Decker and Harold Porter… Jim Fisher represented the Minot Chamber of Commerce…

the original Big "M" sign

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Dusty’s Drive – Inn -- Dusty's was located across the street from the entrance to Roosevelt Park. It was in the same area that was one time occupied by The Keg in earlier days.  It was named Dusty’s because Dustin Olsons family was the owner. Dusty's featured the usual menu of hamburgers, fries, hot dogs and drinks. Later this location became The Picnic Basket and the owners operated a mini golf course next door to the west of the building.  The next owner used it as a Mexican restaurant called Tio Lalo’s. and finally a hamburger restaurant called Porkie’s. The building is now gone and I believe the property is owned by the park department.

Picture when it was Tio Lalo's

Monday, April 14, 2014

Minot Air Force BAse

B52’s Coming to Minot – The headlines in the Minot Daily News on October 31, 1958 . Fifteen B52’s to be based in Minot. The article goes on to state that 15 giant B52 bombers and 10 KC135 aerial tankers will be stationed at the Minot Air force Base. The total number of planes was expected to be about 60 including interceptors, bombers, tankers and auxiliary planes. The base was expected to combine both SAC, Strategic Air Command and ADC, Air Defense Command.

 MAFB Tower construction 1957
 MAFB Hanger Construction 1957
MAFB North Gate Entrance 1970

Friday, April 11, 2014

Early Theaters

Strand Theater -  In the early days the Strand Theater located at 102 North Main Street was home for silent movies in Minot. At one time the Strand actually featured a piano player and a small orchestra pit that provided the music for the “Silent Movies’.  Later, Saturday afternoon matinees were a western preceded by a serial feature, The price of admission was about 10 cents.  State Theater – located at 206 South Main Street at one time was the fanciest theater in Minot. After it closed the building became the home of the S&L Department Store. The Orpheum Theater – This was probably one of the oldest theaters in Minot. It was located on North Main, just south of the Soo Line Depot. Rumor has it that is was like going to a dungeon and reportedly one could occasionally feel rats running across your feet.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Joe's Place

Joe’s Place was located south of Minot just north the site that is now occupied by Denny’s Restaurant. I believe it was actually where the 83 Bypass is. The property was purchased by the state when the Bypass was built. Joe’s Place had dining and a lounge. Owned by Joe Savelkoul, hence the name… Joe’s Place. Reportedly it was a popular place to hang out and had good food.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


On Thursday, July 18, 1974 Aerosmith was in concert in Minot. The ZBoston Band was in Minot promoting their second album, “Get Your Wings”.  The event was sponsored by Rocker Promotions in Minot. Advance tickets were sold at the Record Head and the Saints & Sinners Bar. The concert was held at the Empire Theater . Start time was 9:00 pm

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Carousel

In 1971  The Carousel was located at 23 South Main Street, below Shark’s Men’s Store which is now known as Rick’s Jewelry Sales. They celebrated their grand opening on April 1, 1971. 8 track tapes were on sale for only $3.99 each. Stereo Albums were $3.49 to $4.49 with one special group at $1.27 each. Tape players with detachable speakers on sale for $59.95 and $99.95. This was just before the age of cassettes. 45 rpm records were still in demand and the first 500 people to attend each received a free 45 record.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Henry's Drive-In

An ad in the newspaper in September 1964 for Henry’s Drive-In boasted they were the “Home of the Bigger, Better Fifteen Cent Hamburger.” Apparently Henry’s also featured family dinners…. A chicken dinner – 82 cents…. Shrimp dinner – 83 cents and a Steak dinner – 74 cents. Every dinner included a generous portion of French fries, onion rings and a roll. Henry’s Drive-Inn was locate at the intersection of Highway 83 North (North Broadway) and 21st Avenue.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Circus in 1912

July 6, 1912 Minot Daily Optic– Campbell Brothers Consolidated shows – On July 8, 1912 this circus was coming to Minot. The day would start with a big parade on Main Street at 10:30 am. This circus, museum, and menagerie featured the following: 500 of the finest horses on earth, 42 double length railway cars for transportation, 20 world famous bareback riders, 40 European and American Aerialists, 30 acrobats and 20 clowns, over 700 people altogether to put on the show. This was to be the only circus coming to Minot in 1912.  Two performances daily – not sure what admission was.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wild West Show

July 6, 1912 Minot Daily Optic – 101 Ranch Real Wild West Show – On July 10, 1912 the Wild West show was coming to Minot. 50 cents was the admission and they featured two shows, rain or shine. 101 Ranch Wild West Show claimed to be the largest exclusive western show in existence showing the west as it was. The show featured Dusky Demon of Oklahoma, the only man in human history who fought barehanded a Spanish Bull. The show also had Cowboys, wild west girls, Indians, homesteaders, pony express, senoritas, vacqueros, buffalos, bucking horses and long horned steers. It claimed to show the history of frontier life. The Wild West Show also held a parade in the morning of the day of the event.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Minot Federal

For many years Minot Federal Savings & Loan was located in the McCannel Building on the southeast corner of Central Avenue and First Avenue SW. The institution started in 1935. Eighteen years later, (1953), Minot Federal had grown to the point they needed to expand their facility. They doubled the floor space and made many other improvements for the customers. Minot Federal offered savings and investment accounts and home mortgage financing

 Cover of Brochure
New offices

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Schriok’s Lawn & Trail Inc. --  In 1981 and earlier Schriok’s Lawn & Trail was located on the 2 & 52 Bypass at Tenth Street SW. Now the home of Clear Channel Communications and KCJB Radio… Schriok’s was the authorized local dealer for Jari Mowers. Jari Mowers were self propelled with up to a 44 inch wide horizontal cutting bar. Schriok’s also sold different types of mowers and also motorcycles.