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Friday, August 26, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 66 - Aug 26, 2011

We have not been able to gget any of the flood services people to power wash the house. We are high on the list of the Southern Baptists, but some of their teams may be diverted to the east coast because of the hurricane. We have started the power washing ourselves. Last night we washed about 1/2 of the main floor. The plan is to finish the main floor tonight. Tom dropped off one of his big commercial power washers. This one has a heater on it if we need hot water. This weekend we will try to get the basement done. The Southern Baptists informed that if we do power wash it ourselves, I can go to their flood headquaters in Minot and they will give me a quart of the mold inhibitor that they use. We can then treat the house ourselves.
Next step will be to get the new support beams in and the concrete poured. After that we will rent 2 or 3 large dehumidifiers and get some fans to get the basement dry so we can proceed with wiring and reconstruction.
Then it is on to the garage to finish cleaning it out.
I have the remnants of newspapers from April 1932 that brother Mark found stuffed in an electrical box behind a wall in the entry. Future Minot Memories will be based on the articles in those scraps.

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