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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1964 - Monster Season on TV

An article in the Minot Daily on September 25, 1964 was about monsters on TV. It was referring to the two spoof horror shows, The Munsters and the Adams Family. The Munsters, as you may recall, was a show about a rather ghoulish family with a seemingly normal girl, their neice. Herman was a replica of Frankenstein, his wife Lilly was a witch, the grandfather was a portly rendition of a Vampire, and Eddy was a werewolf…. The article implied that the niece must have been abnormal as she did not see anything strange about her relatives …..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Schooll Supplies

Back to School Supplies – 1964 – Going through the papers from the 60’s I came across a Jupiter ad for back to school supplies and the prices caught my eye….. For 7 cents you could buy your choice of  pencils, erasers, rulers or protractors …. A cartridge ink per was only 68 cents (regular $1.49) …. A Webster’s dictionary – 43 cents….. 300 sheets of notebook paper – 27 cents ….. the big box, 64 crayons – 74 cents ….. a Remington Typewriter - $38.66 and 275 sheets of typing paper only 67 cents….. I’m not sure kids today would know what to do with a manual typewriter and a protractor…. I also remember when I was in the 4th grade I got my first cartridge ink pen --- you could by additional cartridges in a box of five for about 20 cents.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Nightclubs in the 70's

Torchlight –downtown Minot on 1st St SW - (now the Chicago Club) this building was the Minot Eagles Club prior to becoming the Torchlight…. Stockman’s Bar – East Burdick Expressway  -- Now Ron Lowman Motors ….. 52 Club – west of Minot about 4 mile on Highway 52 (between Minot and Speedway Hill) – Jam sessions on Saturdays at 3 pm ….. Fireside Lounge – corner of West Burdick Expressway and the 2 & 52 Bypass, inside the Sandman Motel …. Covered Wagon -- on Main Street in Downtown Minot

 Interior of the Covered Wagon

Friday, October 26, 2012

Business - 1970's

Red River TV & Appliance – 2121 North Broadway – featured Motorola products ….. Star Banner Service – 1205 North Broadway – Just north of the Dairy Queen on North Broadway …. Kruse’s Truck Plaza & Restaurant – Highway 2 & 52 Bypass East – (now Schatz Truck Stop) ….. Shark’s Men’s Store – Downtown Minot on the corner of Main St and 1st Avenue ….. North Hill Food – 2031 North Broadway – Smaller full line grocery store …. Barlow’s Miracle Mart – located in the Kmart Plaza – ( the east side of the existing Kmart store was Barlow’s Miracle Mart) ….

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Business - 1970's

Rued Insurance – July, 1978 Rued Insurance was celebrating their 25th anniversary…. Free coffee and donuts all day and register to win a FREE 200 mile airplane ride for five….. Fisher’s South …. In 1978 Fisher Motors South was the dealer for Mercedes Benz, Subaru, and Itasca Motorhomes ……. Gold Bond Gift Center – 11 South Main St – many grocery stores gave out Gold Bond Stamps with your purchase. They could be redeemed for gifts at this store …..  Cox’s Retail Bakery – 9 North main St. – 10 loaves of bread for $2.89 (not sliced – Sliced bread was 4 cents more per loaf) – If you had a red star on your receipt your order was free……

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1976 - Businesses in Minot

Northern School & Office Supply --- in 1976 they were located in the Emporium – 22 South main (Montgomery Wards Building) – featured all types of office furniture – desks, chairs etc. ….. Sofa & Sleep Shop, Inc – 1906 South Broadway – Grand opening was held in October, 1976  -- mattress and bedroom store – (now Computech) ….. Northwest Fabrics – 1905 2nd St SE – Just east of Kmart – Full line fabrics, sewing supplies and crafts ….. Kmart Automotive Center – Auto Accessories and service shop – located in each Kmart – 20th Ave SE and 1915 North Broadway (now the home of MLT) ….

Restaurants in the 70's

Kentucky Fried Chicken – in 1972 one of the specials was a 50 piece tub of shrimp with fries for $4.99 or a 15 piece bucket of chicken with buns and 3 side dishes for $5.99 …. Little Dutch Mill – Highway 2 East (at 27th Street) … 1972 special was a chicken dinner with salad , fries and roll for 88 cents or a 9 piece chicken take out box for $1.78 --- The Cookie Chipper and Coffee Bar – in the Oak Park Shopping Center – coffee – 5 cents a cup – cookies 2 for $1.00 ….. Famous Recipe Fried Chicken --  1201 South Broadway – now he home of Dacotah Bank on South Broadway …… 

 Big Boy Drive-in on South Broadway
 Menu board for Big Boy