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Friday, January 31, 2014

Dee Dee's Hot Tamales

Dee Dee’s Bar & Grill was on the south end of Minot’s High Third Street. In the late 1960’s Dee Dee was selling his Hot Tamales. Dee Dee claimed the tamales were “an exciting dish you could serve in minutes”.  They were at manufactured at The Grill and sold in many grocery stores in the area. Some of those were The Three Red Owl Stores, The three Pigly Wiggly Stores, Minot Food Store, Behm’s Truck Stop and Sunshine Grocery. In the late 60’s I worked for Coca Cola as a route driver and The Grill was one of my accounts. Many times I would walk into the grill while the tamales were being packaged.  Aluminum foil rectangular pans covered every available area in the dining room. Dee Dee’s employees would walk around in a makeshift assembly line process filling the pans with the ingredients. The final step was to secure the cover. Then off to the freezer until sold. Dee Dee did offer me job a couple times as the delivery person for the tamales to local markets

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Harry’s Tire Service – Formerly located at 8 First St SW in Downtown Minot, Harry’s Tire Service moved to their new location on South Broadway in July of 1970. ( now Affinity First Credit Union). The building was owned by the Westlie Motor Company and leased by Harry’s. The new location had a staff of 8 besides owner Harry and Jim Ommen. (p)

Sandy’s Pancake House --  Located in the Sandman Motel on Highway 2 & 52 West. Pancakes were the specialty but they did have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. Sandy’s also had a banquet room that could handle up to 30 people.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1965 - Dutch Mill -- Metzger's

Dutch Mill – In 1965 the Dutch Mill (Rockin’ Horse) also featured a dinner menu in addition to the bar and lounge. They featured an evening smorgasbord meal for $1.75 all you could eat. Entrees included baron of beef, Viginia baked ham, turkey and barbecue chicken. In 1965 The Dutch Mill also featured a discotheque with go-go girls.

Metzger’s Appliance – 1965 – located in Downtown Minot at 119 West Central Avenue, Metzger’s Electronic Sales add the Speed Queen line of  washing machines to their inventory. Metzger’s was the “Authorized Dealer” for Speed Queen. These were wringer wash machines that carried a five year warranty and were available in two models. Owner of the store was Maury Metzger. Later Metzger's would move to a new location on South Broadway - Paradise Spa's now occupies that location


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1980 - Business

The Town Crier – Located at 13 East Central Avenue … in 1980 The Town Crier featured the largest magazine collection in Minot. They also offered books of all types for every interest and need.  Plus the Town Crier had a large selection of greeting cards for all occasions. The location is now Central Avenue Variety, just east of the Taube Museum

USO Club – May 1, 1980 was to be the opening date for the USO (United Service Organization) in their new quarters. The building located on the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue had been the home for Union National Bank since 1905. In its early years the building was the home to Union National Bank, Jacobson Hardware, the Post Office and the Jacobson Opera House. It burned in 1923 and was rebuilt by Union National Bank

 Town Crier Ad after renovations
Deed to USO club being signed

Monday, January 27, 2014

Band Day - 1965

May 22, 1965 – the Second annual Greater Northwest Band Festival was held in Minot . 60 bands from North Dakota, Montana and Canada were expected to participate. The day started with a parade and featured concerts at various locations throughout the day. Joe Morello, drummer for the Dave Brubeck Quartet was one of the featured entertainers. Also featured was the Second Air Force Stage Band from Barksdale Air Force Base.

Band Day parade on its way to the Auditorium

Friday, January 24, 2014

Simonson Gas - Grand opening 1965

Simonson Gas & Station Store – 1965 – May 21-22, 1965 was the grand opening of the Simonson Gas & Station Store … Credit card applications were available… Free coffee and cake and free bubble gum for the kids… Located where the store is now but the address was Highway 83 South… with the purchase of gas you had your choice of a 200 count package of napkins or a 54X90 inch plastic table cloth…. Some of the grand opening specials were A Columbia bicycle for $35.66… a 20 gallon metal garbage can only $1.99 … a charcoal grill only $9.99 … Aluminum lawn chair for $3.49 and a matching chaise lounge only $6.39.. They also offered Simonson Saving Stamps that when saved could be exchanged for merchandise….

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kmart #2 - 1980

Kmart – North -- Construction on the second Kmart in Minot was completed in late September of 1980. The new store was located at 2915 North Broadway and built at a cost of $1.5 million. The store was built in less than 4 months, occupied about 73,000 square feet and employed over 70 employees.. It was about two thirds the size of the existing Kmart just off South Broadway. The store  opened on November 20, 1980  The North Kmart location is now the home of MLT.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Finnegan Funeral Home – 1968 – formerly located at 102 4th Ave SE …. In August of 1968 the building was moved down Fourth Avenue (Burdick Expressway) to the John Holbach farm south of Minot… The house was used as Finnegan’s Funeral Home from1934 to 1952. It was then the home of Amundson Nursing Home, Victor’s Dance Studio and at one time it was a rooming house. Notice in the picture on the right side a building (apartments I believe) on the corner where The Hospital Emergency Entrance is now located.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

B&B Drug - 1970

In 1970 B&B Drug was on the corner of First Street and Second Avenue SW. The B&B Building was part of a half city block that was to be razed to make room for a parking lot… other Businesses in that half city block included the 13 Club, Northwest Sporting Goods, and Anderson Ace Hardware. Coast to Coast Hardware was to the east of B&B Drug…. Oddly enough the Parking Lot is now being excavated to build a new half block of retail stores with apartments above….

Friday, January 17, 2014


Bonanza Sirloin Pit – May 19, 1971 was the Grand Opening of the Bonanza Sirloin Pit at 1445 South Broadway … now the home of Sergio’s…. The Bonanza featured a “rugged western décor” with lots of parking available…. The Bonanza also had a no tipping policy. Customers placed their order and then could watch their steak being char-grilled to order on an open grill as they progressed down the cafeteria style food line… The #2 was my favorite – if was a ribeye dinner complete with drink for only $1.49… The top Hand T-bone was the most expensive item on the menu at $2.99…

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Country Music -1965

Country Music Spectacular 1965 – January 31, 1965 the Country Music Spetacular was in Minot at the Municipal Auditorium… Entertainers included Carl Smith, Stonewall Jackson, Claude King, Charlie Louvin and Margie Bowes… admission was $2.00 in advance and $2.50 at the door … ticket outlets included Northwest Piano, Arrowhead Record, Oak Park Dairy and Main Radio & Record.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Volvo Dealership

Fisher Motors 1965 – located at 314 First St. SW (on the corner of Broadway and Burdick Expressway)  … In the summer of 1965, Fisher Motors announced the addition of the Volvo franchise to their lineup of automobiles…. Volvo was reported to be the car that outlasted the payment book… Fishers had added Volvo parts to their inventory and had factory trained mechanics…. The Volvo lineup consisted of 5 different models…

 Fisher Motors Used car Lot 1960
Fisher Motors Main Building on 1st St - 1920

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Everly Brothers in Minot

June 21, 1965 The Everly Brothers were in concert at the Minot Municipal Auditorium. Don and Phil Everly got their start in Shenandoah, Iowa on a daily show performing with their parents. Eventually they moved to Nashville to get more involved in the music scene. Also in the show in Minot were Ral Donner and The Zebras, a dance show of sorts

Monday, January 13, 2014

Business in 1965

Big D Café – 1965 – formerly known as Oscar’s Drive-Inn it was located at 627 Third St. NE .. Don Kimball was the proprietor. Big D specialized in Take-out orders, shrimp, chicken and steaks . They also featured home made pastries baked fresh daily
Ben Franklin – 1965 – Located in the Arrowhead Shopping Center, Ben Franklin was a variety store that seemed to specialize and cater to crafters and sewing enthusiasts.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Downtowner - 1965

June 1, 1965 The Downtowner was opening as a member only Key Club. It was located at 7 First Street SE (now the home of Dakota Antiques and at one time Tollefson’s Furniture). The Downtowner features two rooms. The Fireside Room featuring “Magoo” and the Spectecals at the stage bar playing Dixieland and jazz. The other room was the Lamplite Lounge with Dororthy Schoel at the piano bar. The Downtowner also featured an lunch and dinner menu. Buffet luncheon featureing prime ribs or sugar cured ham was on 90 cents.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Johnson Chevrolet

In June 1965 work was beginning on the new Johnson Chevrolet dealership on South Broadway. Total price to build the new dealership would be about $350,000.00. This price also included  all furnishings and fixtures. It was expected to be ready by October of that year. A blacktop used car lot was to be added to the location as well as a separate paved parking area for customers. Most Auto dealers were in the downtown area where space was limited. Johnson Chevrolet eventually became Ryan Chevrolet.

Artist Concept of new dealership

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Super Grill

The Super Grill was located on North Broadway, next door to the Northwest Super Valu. They were open 24 hours a day. The Super Grill started operation in 1955. They claimed to be home for the finest in Steaks, Chicken, Shrimp, Short orders, Bar-B-Qued Ribs and fountain drinks. One of their specials in 1961 was One-half chicken fried golden brown with toast, salad, French fries  and coffee for only 89 cents.

The building on the right just this side of the Super Valu Store is the Super Grill

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Schramm's Ambulance

In 1963 Schramm’s Ambulance moved to new quarters at 418 4th St SW. the new building was 48X36 feet, fully insulated with double doors which allowed any one of the two ambulances to be taken on a run without moving the other. The new location also gave them better access to all locations and avoided heavy traffic .

Monday, January 6, 2014

Alma Shop

The Alma Shop was located at 104 4th Avenue SE, in the Van de Streek – Furs Building.  According to an ad in the 1961 Diamond Jubilee newspaper, Alice and Madge were the proprietors of the shop. Apparently the Alma Shop specialized in a variety of patterns, sewing machines and fabrics in a complete array of colors and designs. The Alma Shop started operation in  1955. The boasted that “With today’s easy to follow patterns and time saving sewing machines, even the teenager can sew fashions for herself.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Western Paint

Western Paint – 1968 – located at 24 1st St NE – serving the area with paint, glass, linoleum, draperies and carpeting since 1960’  … Eventually Western Paint moved to Main Street. They were located in the building that was the former home of Jupiter. T imm’s Moving & Storage – in 1968 located at Highway 2 & 52 Bapass- 4 blocks east of 83 South. (just East of Kmart) – Timm’s was the Atlas Van Lines dealer for this area

Thursday, January 2, 2014

White's dairy

1961 – White’s dairy started business in Minot in 1904 when Edwin G white established a plant in Minot. Les Dahlen bought the dairy in 1958. White’s Dairy Products were sold door to door and also through local grocery stores. The products included Grade A milk and cream, ice cream, butter, skim milk and cottage cheese.