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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


On Aug 1st, I will be going on vacation to our cabin in the Detroit Lakes area. Pat and I are taking our 3 youngest Granddaughters with us. They are 14, 16 and 16 so I am thinking they are young adults and it should be a good time.
I am taking my portable 4g internet connection and my laptop along also. If I have a signal and more importantly if I have the time I will update Minot Memories from the lake.
Otherwise I will be back to a normal schedule on August 19th.

Big Boy - Cutie Burgers

In 1961 The Big Boy on Highway 83 South was The Place to go, especially after the Outdoor Drive-in Theater show was over. In the 1960’s Cutie Burgers Flying Saucer Style were only 35 cents …. It consisted of a hamburger patty with whatever you wanted on it between two pieces of bread that were toasted in crimped together in a special device … the crust of the bread was trimmed off hence the “Flying Saucer” style. The first job I had in Minot in 1965 was working at the Big Boy for 80 cents an hour. I got into big trouble one night while mixing a batch of chicken to be fried when I tried to read the secret ingredients on the bag that contained the 11 herbs and spices…. No one…. Not even the manager was privy to that information…(so I was told) … the bags were kept in a locked room …

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

American Café –

 The American Café opened in September of 1922 in the Scofield Block on Main Street by a Chinese-American named Louis Lolling.  The  menu featured Special Chow Mein at 25 cents a plate and Lobster Egg Foo Yung at 55 cents a plate. Mr Lolling, while looking for an employee at the Dakotah Hotel, 60 South Main, was arrested in an opium raid. After convincing authorities that he was just looking for an employee, charges were dropped. However, Lolling became discouraged with Minot, sold his new café and left Minot in 1924

Monday, July 29, 2013

J B Reed

J. B. Reed Transfer and Storage – JB Reed Transfer and Storage was one of the oldest operator of moving trucks in Minot. They got their first truck, a Winton, in 1911. The crank on this vehicle was on the side. After the driver cranked it and got it started, he would most likely have to run after and catch up to the moving truck. Eventually Reed Transfer went to using GMC and International trucks. Before that, some of the trucks they had were a Republic, an Overland and a Maxwell. In 1933 , Reed Transfer became the agents for Aero-Mayflower Moving out of Indianapolis. Cliff Reed was also a lover of fine cars. In 1934 when President Roosevelt was in Devils Lake, he was chauffeured by Cliff Reed in his Sport Model Buick. He was and his car also chauffeured the Mexican ambassador to the United States in 1935 when he was visiting Minot. Pictured below is a Dakota Transfer truck from the 50’s .

Friday, July 26, 2013

The First Census

Minot Census – 1890 – The first federal census recorded for Minot was in 1890. At that time Minot had a population of 575 people. In 1910 Minot jumped ahead of Bismarck in population and stayed ahead even in 1960. The Census by decades for Minot is as follows:
1910 – 6,188 … 1920 – 10,476 …. 1930 – 16,099 … 1940 – 16,577 … 1950 – 22,032 and 1960 – 30,604 … in 1960 Bismarck’s population was 27,670…. Sometime after 1960 Minot fell behind Bismarck in the census count

Thursday, July 25, 2013


New Minot Radio KCJB 910 AM and KCJB-TV  - KCJB arrived on the scene with several new personalities and shows. Two of these were Dean Thurrow, and Cis Hadley. Cis went out to neighboring towns grocery stores for remote broadcasts. One of these was from the HiLo Groceries at Van Hook. Of course the show was called "Hello from HiLo" .  Many remember being at the remote shows and  also listening to the shows to see if your neighbors might be interviewed on the radio.
Another Minot Memory would be when KCJB TV went “On Air”. The first year they were at the state fair they did closed circuit from several locations on the fair grounds. The broadcasts were not very  clear, having a lot of “snow” on the scene. This led to the famous statement of one fair attendee watching the dairy cattle judging in a different building. His statement to his wife was “let’s go over to the dairy barn,  its hot here but looks like it’s snowing over there"  “Live”  TV at its best

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Old Minot Radio

KLPM 1390 AM. KLPM was referred to as “Old Minot’ Radio. One of the on air personalities was Les Maupin. One of his radio shows was called Tello-Test. This was a program where random people were called to answer a question to win a prize. When dialing the phone number, over the radio it was 8 – 3 – 8 – 1 – 4 – 5 - ??? the listeners would not know the complete number until the last digit was dialed.
Saturday morning the station had a program called Birthday Train for kids. Parents would send in information on the child’s age and birthday for an announcement on the radio. The radio station would wish the children Happy Birthday and give them clues as to where their presents were hidden at home. 1390-AM is now KRRZ part of Clear Channel Radio

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Minot's Turkish Bath

Opera House Barber Shop – Edward Henjum, a barber in Minot, owned the Leland Barbershop. During its busy days, the Leland Barbershop employed as many as five barbers and grossed over $15,000 annually. This was big money back in the 1920’s. Before starting out on his own, Edward Henjum worked at the Opera. The Opera was a barbershop located in the basement of the Jacobson Opera House. The Opera was a big barbershop. It boasted nine barber chairs. A Turkish bath parlor was run in conjunction with the barber shop. Besides the nine barbers, The Opera employed a cashier and two porters... The Opera Barber Shop and the Opera itself were both in the Jacobson Hardware Building

Monday, July 22, 2013

Car Show - T&C Center

1968 Fall Car Show – in the 1960’s the Minot Auto Dealers held an annual car show to announce the new models. Those dealers included: Minodak Volkswagon – VW vehicles … Blesener Olds Inc – Oldsmobiles … Auran Chevrolet – Chevy cars and trucks … Fisher Motor Inc. – Buick and Opel cars … Westlie Motor Co. – Ford, Lincoln and Mercury … Asplund Garage – Toyota … Nelson Motor Inc – American Motors – Rambler … Don Moe Motors – Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth…. Of all those dealers the only one still in business is Westlie Motors.

Friday, July 19, 2013

In late October of 1968 plans were announced for the construction of an $11 million Mall on Minot’s North Hill…. Century Mall was to have 600,000 sq. ft of retail space compared to Town & Country at 186,000… the mall was expected to employ over 500 people and early tenants were White Drug, KG Men’s Store, JM McDonald Co. and Wyatt Cafeterias. ..Century Mall would have been built one mile north of the Airport Terminal in the Area of Souris River Telephone…. For many reasons the mall never came to be ….

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Radio Station in Minot –

in 1968 an article in the July 11th newspaper – The FCC approved the construction  on a new radio station in Minot . Dick Gehl, the station manager, said the studios will be located in the Clarence Parker Hotel. The call letters will be KTYN – the Station will sign on air daily at 6 am and sign off at dusk at 1430 on the AM dial. The transmitter will be located six miles south of Minot and KTYN will have a range of about 100 miles in all directions. In 1972 KTYN was billing itself as Dakota’s Country Giant … KTYN is no longer in operation – the signal is “dark” – just not being used at this time

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stop Lights In Minot

I am reviving this as compliance to the stop lights in Minot needs some attention by some drivers.... too often I see drivers speeding up to get through an intersection after the light has turned red..... RED does mean stop!!!  
A suspended stop and go signal was ordered for the City of Minot in August of 1939.  Some years before a post type signal was tried in Minot. It was located at the intersection of Main Street and Central Avenue. The use of this signal was discontinued as most drivers ignored it and a number of drivers ran into it. The installation of the signal light was an experiment at the intersection of 2nd Street and 4th Avenue Northwest, (now known as Broadway and 4th Avenue), at the north end of the overpass. The signal weighed about 115 pounds and was equipped with red, yellow and green lights. It was timed with 30 second intervals on the north-south lanes and 20 second intervals on the east-west lanes. The signal went into operation on September 16, 1939. Motorists were given time to get used to the signal. Violators were not arrested on the first day. The signal was in operation 7 days a week, (yes, Sundays included), from 7 am to 1 am. The experiment proved to be successful as signals were also ordered for: Central Avenue and Second Street West, Central Avenue and Main Street, Central Avenue and Third Street East, Main Street and First Avenue and Main Street and Fourth Avenue, (Burdick Expressway.) By the end of 1939, these additional signals were installed and operating.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Organizations in 1932

From 1932 - Delphian Society - the National Delphian Society, which has its head office in Chicago, Il and had  organized chapters in most large cities and town across the United States. It is a society for study, culture and personal improvement. It has a six years course, a year of study being given to each of the following: Ancient History and Literature, Drama, Art, Modern Literature, Poetry and Music…. The Delphian society was active in Minot in the 30’s and usually net on Tuesday’s at Minot High School. The announcement in the newspaper reminded all members to note that the meeting was opening at 7:30 pm.
Meeting notices for Minot Clubs – Coterie Club - The word "coterie" is of French origin and means "a gathering of friends." The essence of the Coterie Club is building friendships and participating in varied activities including daytime and evening bridge, a literary group and day and evening social events. Coterie supports the community by collecting and contributing funds and appropriate items to worthwhile charities…… The Progressive Club ……. PEO Clubs …… primary focus on providing educational opportunities for female students worldwide…… Criterian Club ….. Goal was to enhance life, morally, socially and culturally…..

Monday, July 15, 2013

1932 Montgomery Wards Ad

From a 1932 newspaper found in my house…. While my brother Mark was in town helping with the house after the flood of 2011 , he found an old electrical box behind a wall in the entry way. A couple pages of the Minot Daily from 1932 were stuffed into the box. The next 10 days or so will be based on that newspaper. .....Montgomery Wards was celebrating Ward Week. Some of the specials included a special buy on men’s overalls for 77 cents a pair. Boys overalls were on sale for 3 pair for $1.00. Women’s coats in tweed, crepes or diagonal linens were sale priced at $8.88 each. Men’s wool sweaters priced at $1.44 and a 2 gallon can of Pennsylvania Motor Oil was only $1.00. And with every clothes washer purchased received a free clothes basket.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sidewalk Lights –

Vault Lights or as they were commonly called, Sidewalk Lights, are glass prizms set into sidewalks to let light into vaults and basements below. Prizms were used instead of  flat glass to disperse the light. Flat glass would cast a spot on the floor below whereas the prizm would spread the light out over a larger area. The idea originated in the 1840’s as Deck Lights. They were used on ships to let light below decks, especially when an open flame would be hazardous. The idea caught on in cities in sidewalks to illuminate below grade.  Many businesses in Downtown Minot had the Sidewalk Lights in the sidewalks in front of the store. The basements of many businesses went under the sidewalk. This was because many had freight elevators in the sidewalk. The heat from the basement below helped to keep snow melted. By the 1930’s they were on their way out as electricity became less expensive. Now they are endangered relics, or antiques. There are probably still some in sidewalks in Minot’s downtown area

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Furry Residents

Squirrels in Minot – there are not too many places in the Souris Valley in Minot that one does not see a number of squirrels. At times there seems to be a number of black squirrels in the mixture. I often wondered if these were a different breed of squirrel. Back in 1939, the same question was on people’s minds. It seems that in the early 1900’s, the Minot Park Board imported squirrels from Iowa and Wisconsin. One story had it that the squirrels were brought in to provide wildlife for Riverside, (now Roosevelt), Park. The idea was the squirrels, once released in the park would stay on the east side of the river, confined to the park. Obviously the early Park Board did not realize the ingenuity of the squirrels. George Valker, a long member of the Park Board, recalled that the black and foxtail squirrels were introduced to the Park in 1916. In 1939, Perna Stine, a biologist at Minot State Teachers College said the black squirrels are a variation of the grey squirrel family. Although the black squirrels are not as prevalent as the grey squirrels, there are still some in the city today.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Grocery Stores of the Past

Red Owl stores – Three locations at one time – Downtown Minot – across the street west of the Midwest Federal Building, managed at one time by Don Steffan – Arrowhead Shopping Center (where White Drug is now located) managed by Leonard Kretchmar and South Broadway in the Tractor Supply location- managed by Don Jessen ….. Piggly Wiggly Stores – Three locations – Town and Country Shopping Center (on the north end where the Trinity Cancer Center is – Highway 2 East – Across from the ND State Fair Grounds – Oak Park Shopping Center…… Super Valu - There were two Super Valu Stores as I at 627 North Broadway - South of the Subway Restaurant and the other on South Broadway - where the Good Will Store is at 14th Ave and South Broadway.

 Town & Country Piggly Wiggly
 Downtown Red Owl
Super Valu - North Broadway

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Miracle Mart – 1971 –

 In 1971 there were two Miracle Mart Discount Food Center Grocery Stores in Minot. One was in the Kmart Shopping Center at the intersection of Highway 83 and The Highway 2 & 52 Bypass, (they were in the east end of the Kmart Building). The other location was in Garden Valley in northwest Minot at 16th Street and 4th Avenue.  In 1971, Miracle Mart advertised, “Item for item our prices are lower than any other store”. Price comparisons between Miracle mart and other “Chain” grocery stores were usually featured in the Miracle Mart ads. Example” bisquick, 40 oz box was 53 cents at Miracle mart . the next cheapest price at other stores was 63 cents. Miracle Mart Stores are now part of the Marketplace Food Store chain

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Windsor Hotel was on the corner of 1st St and 1st Ave. SE. This is where the old YMCA was located. The Scandinavian Hotel was on the east side of the block on1st Avenue, just east of the Blue Rider Bar. The original Soo Line Depot was across the street, on Third Street SE. When the early settlers arrived at the Soo Line Depot, they would see they Scandinavian Hotel. Most if not all of the Scandinavian languages were spoken here. Many of the early pioneers in the northwestern part of the state arrived at the Soo Line depot and may have stayed at the Scandinavian Hotel. Eventually the Scandinavain Hotel was demolished to make room for an expansion on the Windsor Hotel.

Scandinavian Hotel early 1900's

Windsor Hotel - 1949

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MSU Dome Construction

In 1979 the MSU Dome was under construction and in August of that year the radial trusses that support the dome roof were being place. The Dome was built at a cost of about $4.5 million. It would take 1 ½ to 2 months to place all the roof trusses. It seems that the trusses were placed on edge and joined in the center on a special platform that was later removed after all were installed.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big Bear Stores

Located at 6 North Main St, Big Bear was the headquarters for Levi Strauss & Co. quality clothing – They billed themselves as the Complete Levi’s Headquarters.--- some of the many things they carried in the clothing line included – Corduroy Flare Pants, Sta-Prest Flares in plaids and checks – Denim shirts and jackets and the big  one in the 60’s – shrink – to – fit jeans….. in the early 1970's I worked at Big bear in the Downtown location. besides the clothing lines Big Bear also carried a full assortment of hunting and fishing accessories including firearms and hunting and fishing licenses. Big Bear was also one of the few places at that time that carried sheets of foam rubber for upholstery projects.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Winter Festival - 1971

The Minot Downtown Merchants held a Winter Festival in mid February back in the early 70’s. The Festival was a three day event covering Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Most of the Downtown Merchants featured advertised special during the event. Some of the other activities included a Torch Light Parade on Main Street, Beard Judging Contest, Snowmobile races at the Fair Grounds, Carnival Night at the Auditorium, Kids Mini toboggan Races at Jim Himm (prior to the new High School being built), Trap Shooting at the gun club and a basketball game between the Minot Sate football team and the Minnesota Vikings.