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Monday, April 30, 2012

Groucho's Car Lot

Groucho’s Circus Lot – November 1954 – Here is a car dealer in Minot in 1954 that I had not heard of…. Groucho’s Circus lot located 1 block west of the Courthouse and Groucho’s Jr. Circus lot at the foot of North Hill.  I discovered the Groucho’s was actually Main Motors in Minot. Groucho’s was advertising – “Coming Soon! The new 1955 DeSoto and Plymouth. The Most radical changes of them all”.   Main Motors was the DeSoto and Plymouth dealer. Groucho’s also carried used vahicles. In 1954 they were advertising a 1947 Pontiac for $195.00… a 1947 Chevrolet coupe for $175.00 and 1951 Nash 4 door for $695.00.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Entertainment 1959

In going through old newspapers, it appears that 1959 was a year of much entertainment.  The Community Concert series opened with “ La Boheme” presented by the New York Opera Company….. a presentation od “Mark Twain Tonight” was performed by Hal Holbrook as a one man show ….. The Glen Miller Dance Band made an appearance at the Municipal Auditorium ….. and the 5th Annual Y’s Mens Indoor Rodeo took place.  …… The Minot Community Players presented a play, “Curious Savage”, directed by Mrs Cameron (Barb) Mills….. The Water Follies performed at the Auditorium – the cost for the production was $16,000.00 – the largest entertainment investment since the Auditorium opened.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

South Broadway Merchants

 The Magic Mile Merchants (South Broadway) also had an association and had an insert in the newspaper featuring many of their members. Some of these were: King Leo’s Drive-In, (home of the 15 cent hamburger on the south end of town)…. Import Motors – Used vehicles and Volkswagon dealer…… Budget Furniture – 1545 South Broadway…..  Minot Woodworks – featured custom or pre-finished kitchens and Built in Appliances ….. Swenson’s Furniture – 1933 South Broadway ….. The Electronic Center – 1512 South Broadway – Sales of Radio, TV and Stereo ….. Kelly’s Bottle Shop, Kelly’s Tavern and Kelly’s T&C Liquor and the Hub Bar …… Self Service Furniture – and North America Trail-R-Ama – Campers of all Types…. Drawz Stoker – Heating systems. (inside of building is pictured below)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

15 Cent Hamburgers

Henry’s Drive-In—King Leo’s Drive-In – an ad in the newspaper in September 1964 for Henry’s Drive-In boasted they were the “Home of the Bigger, Better Fifteen Cent Hamburger.” Apparently Henry’s also featured family dinners…. A chicken dinner – 82 cents…. Shrimp dinner – 83 cents and a Steak dinner – 74 cents. Every dinner included a generous portion of French fries, onion rings and a roll. Henry’s Drive-Inn was locate at the intersection of Highway 83 North (North Broadway) and 21st Avenue. On the other end of town was King Leo’s Drive-In. , home of the 15 cent hamburger on South Broadway.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

North Hill Merchants Association

Sept 25, 1964 –  A double page newspaper ad promoting the development of North Hill sponsored by the North Hill Merchants association. The ad included a map of with the 26 North Hill Businesses involved and a map of the neighborhood. The Hill Top Bottle Shop was under construction. Harry’s Tire Service had a warehouse, Henry’s Drive In was open, Poor Rog’s Surplus and the Starlite Club were there. The Westland 83 Truck Stop was 1 mile north of the Airport and there were two gas stations…. North Hill Texaco and Jerry’s Standard Service. National Car Rentals could be found at Jerry’s Standard.  The ad also proclaimed that north hill now had “fine paved streets in every direction”.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dutch Mill -

September 1964 – Sherwin Linton and the Fender Benders were the stars of the stage at The Dutch Mill…. The Dutch Mill became Friday’s and is now known as The Rocking Horse. Sherwin Linton recorded a song called White Lightning. His show featured Comedy and dancing. Sherwin Linton lately has been one of the headliners in the Copenhagen Hall stage at the Norsk Hostfest . He does a great Johnny Cash impersonation.

Friday, April 20, 2012

1964 Food and Entertainment

In 1964 some of the food places were offering these specials..... King Leo’s on South Broadway, at that time it was just highway 83 south featured hamburgers for 15 cents…… The Steak House Restaurant in the Clarence Parker Hotel featured a Thursday Night Smorgasbord – Adults – all you could eat for $1.90…… The Chuckwagon Restaurant, also in the Clarence Parker had a Baron of Beef dinner with all the trimmings for $1.35 per person….After a meal you could go to the Empire Theater and see “How the West was Won”… held over for 7 more days…. The Oak Park theater was showing The Pink Panther and the Outdoor Theater featured John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara in McLintock….. Pictures below is the Barn Restaurant which was also located in one of the Parker Hotels

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Color TV in Minot

September 1964 – KMOT-TV in Minot was expanding . They were introducing color TV to the area. KMOT was also expanding its coverage area by 32% and increasing their power by 500%. The evening would start with a kick-off pre-color show at 6:15 pm followed by “The Virginian” at 6:30 pm. All shows that evening were broadcast in color with the exception of the 10 pm news.  In the beginning there was to be 40 hours of color programming per week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fairway - Super Fair Foods

In 1964 there were two Super Fair stores in Minot. One at 338 2nd St NW (North Broadway) and the other at 1609 4th Ave. NW. Some of the specials in August were…. Frozen French fries – 9 cents foe a 9 oz package…. Frozen strawberries – 5 10 oz pkgs for $1.00 …. Sardines – 8 cents a can …. 5 fresh cantaloupe for $1.00 ….. ½ gallon of ice cream only 49 cents…. Super Fair stores also gave out Magic Stamps. A full book could be redeemed for $2.00…. The weekly dinnerware offer for the week was a coffee cup for only 9 cents. Super Fair also offered free delivery with a $5.00 order.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1964 Tuesday Dining Specials

The Sweden House smorgasbord featured the Family Night Special. Henny Penny fried chicken, Swedish Meatballs, Liver and Bacon or Ocean Baked Perch … your choice, complete dinner for only 99 cents…… The Holland House Cafeteria in the Town & Country Center featured a complete Golden Fried Fish Dinner for $1.00 – all you could eat…..

Monday, April 16, 2012

Theaters - June 3,1968

From a Minot newspaper… the Starlite Outdoor Theater was showing a double feature. El Dorado, starring John Wayne and Robert Mitchum…. Cary Grant and Samantha Eggar in Walk, Don’t Run…. Tuesday nights were Bargain Nights. Adult admission was 50 cents and children under 12 were free….. The Empire Theater was showing Planet of the Apes, continuous shows at 1-3-5-7-and 9. Oak Park Theater was showing Around the World in 80 Days.

Friday, April 13, 2012

B52's Coming to Minot

The headlines in the Minot Daily News on October 31, 1958 we: 15 B52’s to be based in Minot. The article goes on to state that 15 giant B52 bombers and 10 KC135 aerial tankers will be stationed at the Minot Air force Base. The total number of planes was expected to be about 60 including interceptors, bombers, tankers and auxiliary planes. The base was expected to combine both SAC, Strategic Air Command and ADC, Air defense Command.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Early Theaters IN Minot

Early Theaters in Minot - Strand Theater -  In the early days the Strand Theater located at 102 North Main Street was home for silent movies in Minot. At one time the Strand actually featured a piano player and a small orchestra pit that provided the music for the “Silent Movies’.  Later, Saturday afternoon matinees were a western preceded by a serial feature, The price of admission was about 10 cents.  State Theater – located at 206 South Main Street at one time was the fanciest theater in Minot. After it closed the building became the home of the S&L Department Store. The Orpheum Theater – This was probably one of the oldest theaters in Minot. It was located on North Main, just south of the Soo Line Depot. Rumor has it that is was like going to a dungeon and reportedly one could occasionally feel rats running across your feet.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Card Table Ads #3

Card Table Ads #3 – Minot Glass Company – 217 South Main …. Union National Bank – At that time still in their location on Main and Central – Now the Taube Museum …. Minot Federal Savings and Loan (picture below from 1908)….. City Market – quality meats and groceries – Tyler Haugeberg proprietor …. Swenson Furniture – Highway 83 South (now CompuTech Computers) …. Harry R Cook and Sons – 9th Street and Burdick Expressway – (now home of Big Boy Toys) …. Hugh Nelson Motors – 8th Ave and 2nd St. NW ( now the Home of Westlie’s Tire Center (picture below)….. Harry’s Variety Store – 329 2nd St NW ( North Broadway – across from what is now Watne Realty ... Pictured below ...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Card Table Ads #2

 JB Reed Transfer – Agent for Mayflower Moving and Storage …. Ace Cab Company – Licensed for out of town trips …. Oppen’s Grocery – Your Local home owned markets …. Northwest Sales and Service – dealer for Stan-steel Quanset buildings …. Minot Business College – Northwest’s finest – located at 17 1st Ave SW – You could enroll an any Monday …. KCJB radio and KCJB TV - …. Ferguson Beverage Company – 1520 2nd St SW – bottled Squirt drink …. Steenstrup Jewelers – 20 West Central Avenue – Anderson Central Pharmacy – 19 West Central Ave. …. Mitchell Hardware Hank Store – 222 West Central Avenue – now the home to Val’s Cyclery …. Farmers Union Creamery – Magic City Milk – featured Betsy the Cow and home

Monday, April 9, 2012

Card Table Ads #1

 A listener brought me a card table from a past Minot Club that had advertisement s on it. Some of the Businesses are still around and some are not. I thought it was unusual but I suppose selling the ads on the top of the table is no different than on menus or anything else. Businesses on the table are: First National Bank – the oldest and largest bank in Northwest North Dakota…. Anderson Blacksmith Shop – General blacksmithing and building trailers and hitches …. City Bakery – 210 South Main …. Novak’s Cleaners – 10A Central Avenue West and Alm’s Milk Products with three stores to serve you.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Grand Ole Opry

On Wednesday, March 25, 1959 the Grand Ole Opry made an appearance in Minot at the Municipal Auditorium. They put on one show. The headliners included Minnie Pearl, Bobby Helms, Jean Shepard,  Hankshaw Hawkins and Red Sovine. Red Sovine performed his hit “Why Baby, Why.” There was also an extra attraction with the Echo Valley Boys. Admission for adults was $1.25 in advance or $1.50 at the door. Children were admitted of 35 cents.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

1912 Minot Daily Optic Ad #3

Campbell Brothers Consolidated shows – On July 8, 1912 this circus was coming to Minot. The day would start with a big parade on Main Street at 10:30 am. This circus, museum, and menagerie featured the following: 500 of the finest horses on earth, 42 double length railway cars for transportation, 20 world famous bareback riders, 40 European and American Aerialists, 30 acrobats and 20 clowns, over 700 people altogether to put on the show. This was to be the only circus coming to Minot in 1912.  Two performances daily – not sure about the price of admission

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wild West Show 1912

101 Ranch Real Wild West Show – On July 10, 1912 the Wild West show was coming to Minot. 50 cents was the admission and they featured two shows, rain or shine. 101 Ranch Wild West Show claimed to be the largest exclusive western show in existence showing the west as it was. The show featured Dusky Demon of Oklahoma, the only man in human history who barehanded fought a Spanish Bull. The show also had Cowboys, wild west girls, Indians, homesteaders, pony express, senoritas, vacqueros, buffalos, bucking horses and long horned steers. It claimed to show the history of frontier life. The Wild West Show also held a parade in the morning of the day of the event.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1912 Minot Daily Optic Ad #2

1912 Minot Daily OpticPaul McCoy & Co.  – This store was located in the Leland Block on Main Street in Minot. In a newspaper ad in 1912 in the Minot Daily Optic they were featuring the following: Men’s black or tan socks 11 cents a pair, Silk stockings so men – 38 cents a pair, men’s union suits for 94 cents. Paul McCoy & co. also had on sale an Eastman Kodak postcard camera for only $20.00,  Sherwin Williams and Masury’s house paints for $150 a gallon and box candies that originally sold for 35 cents to $1.00 on sale for 17 to 50 cents. The Leland Hotel is pictured below in the early 1900's.

Monday, April 2, 2012

1912 Minot Daily Optic Ad

 2nd National Bank. – The Second National Bank ( later it would become the 1st National Bank we know today) had an ad in the 1912 Minot Daily Optic Newspaper featuring their safe deposit boxes. The safe deposit boxes were in Second National Bank’s “fire and burglar proof vaults”. The cost to rent one started at $2.00 per year. The bank chartered as Second Nati0onal Bank as there were two 1st National Banks previously that had gone under and they did not want any association with them. The picture below is the 2nd National Bank in 1910