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Friday, August 30, 2013

Buffalo Bones

 At one time vast herds of bison roamed over the Mouse River and Des Lacs valleys. Sometimes when the herds would go down to the river to drink, the older, weaker animals became mired in the mud and remained there to die. The bones of the animals could be found in the water and often in the dry bed of a river or lake after the water receded. Picking buffalo bones off the prairie in the late 1800’s was a way for many homesteaders to provide themselves and families with many of the staples needed for living, things such as flour, coffee, bacon and other necessities. The bone industry was at its peak in the late 1800’s when thousands upon thousands of buffalo skeletons were hauled to Minot off the prairies and piled up next to the railroad tracks. At one time so many buffalo bones were piled next to the tracks in Minot, the railroad put in a spur line to get the rail cars closer to the pile for loading.

 Buffalo bones by railroad tracks
Close up of Buffalo bone pile

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Beggars Club

Club 52 -  located west of Minot on Highway 52 – Featured Saturday afternoon jam sessions and The Plainsmen were often the entertainment at the bar ….. The Alley Cat Lounge – located inside the Chateau Lanes Bowling Alley – now the home of the Slumberland Plaza ….. Stockman’s Bar – on East Burdick Expressway – now the home of Ron Lohman Motors ….. Torch Light – on 1st Street SE in Downtown Minot – Now the Chicago Club …. 13 Club – on 1st Street SW (now the parking lot across from Bremer Bank)
Beggar Club -- This was originally the Dutch Mill and you know it now as the Rockin. Horse on East Burdick Expressway

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Piggly Wiggly –

July 1969 – Looking through old newspapers I came across and ad for the three Piggly Wiggly Stores in Minot in 1969 – Oak Park – managed by Art Wolf …. Highway 2 East – managed by Darryl Christianson …. And Town & Country – managed by Cliff Overvold ….. price examples in 1969 –seedless grapes – 29 cents lb .. Banquet Pot pies – 3 for 39 cents .. Loaf of bread – 23 cents .. Roast beef – 79 cents lb. .. pork ribs – 69 cents lb. For about a year or so I worked at the Town & Country Piggly Wiggly when Cliff was the manager. Many stories can be told of those days.

 Town & Country Piggly Wiggly
 Oak Park Piggly Wiggly
Highway 2 East Piggly Wiggly

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Business College -

Computer Center – in 1970 The basement of the Minot College of Business housed the Financial Computer Center – that year more than 300,000 checks were processed for 10 area banks. The center also offered payroll services. The Business College was located at the intersection of 3rd St. and 14th Ave. SE. Between the South hill Softball Complex and Rosehill Cemetary. It is now an apartment complex.

Monday, August 26, 2013

More Past Business

Bostwick’s – formerly S&L Department Store – In December of 1971, Bostwicks was running a “Going out of Business” Sale. Bostwick’s was located on the west side South Main Street, across from Bray’s (the store with white horse out front). …. Metzger’s Electronic Sales – 1615 South Broadway – now the home of Paradise Spas and Motorsports ….. Nelson Motors – 600 North Broadway – in 1968 they were the Fiat dealer in Minot …. Cline’s Super Valu – Home of the Goodwill Store – 14th Ave and South Broadway ….. Rex Hotel and Rex Bar & Grill – was on the corner of Central Avenue and South Broadway – now parking lots …….

Rex Bar and Hotel

Friday, August 23, 2013

Westland Oil Mascot

Billy Buffalo – the Westland Oil mascot – featured in ads as the spokesman for the company – in 1968 there were 6 Westland stations in Minot – Earl’s Westland – 3rd St & 5th Ave NE …. Howards Westland – 5th Ave & North Broadway …. Jule’s Westlad – 510 East Central Ave …. Jundt’s Westland – 13th Ave & South Broadway ….. Vern-s Oak Park Westland – 16th St & 4 th Ave NW and Westland North 83 – one mile north of the Airport


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harrington Brothers

Harrington Brothers Livestock Auction – in October of 1968 Harrington Bros. opened in new facilities on 27th St just across the railroad tracks north of the State Fair Grounds. Auctions were to be held every Tuesday…. Free prizes during the grand opening included grain fed beef, a Stetson Hat for the men and a 100% human hair wig for the ladies. Free coffee and doughnuts were also served……

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Empire Motel

Located on Highway 2 East across from the State Fair Grounds – Now known as East Burdick Expressway – The Empire Motel was celebrating its grand opening in July, 1969—Considered Minot’s finest motel at the time the Empire offered 20 fabulous units with color TV, air conditioning, Sealy Posture pedic mattresses, touch tone phones and kitchenettes. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Motels on East Burdick

Parkway Motel  - The Parkway Motel  was at 910 4th Ave and was owned by Lester and Emma Owens. It was first established as the Brothen’s Motel owned by the Brothen brothers. It is where the east side of the Coca Cola Co. is now. The Parkway was acquired by Coca Cola and torn down to make room for a warehouse addition

Ken- Way Motel – This Motel  was across the street from the fairgrounds on 4th Ave. It was owned by Ken and Wayne Smith. They were champion curling team members from Minot … Reportedly they won many curling championships. The Ken Way was still there until the 2011 flood. I was demolished and rebuilt ... however I am not sure if it is still a motel.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Roosevelt Hotel

Located on the corner of First Avenue and South Broadway ( just west of the Federal Building) – built in 1916 it was a landmark in Minot for over 50 years and a hotel for 38 years. The building was purchased by the Minot Elks Lodge and torn down to make more room for parking.

 Roosevelt Hotel in the 1950's

Roosevelt Hotel - 1968