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Monday, August 29, 2011

Evacuated 2011 - Day 69 - Aug 29, 2011

The main floor of the house is washed down. There is still a few nails to pull in the kitchen floor. The back dressing area needs to be done. A bit of lathe and plaster behind moldings need to come out in kitchen, back area and bathroom on main floor. Then the rest of the dining room wall will be stripped between the windows so we can add insulation. The front door has dried out enough so it will close and lock. The back door is still locked with a chain. If all goes as planned, a contractor friend of mine will stop over today to take the measurements for the two beams to be put in. Hopefully all will be done by this weekend and then we can get concrete in..
Still working on finding an electrician.... they are about as scarce as hair on top of my head. We will need an electrician before anything else can proceed. The search for an electrician continues..........