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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

August 1964

Entertainment – August 1964… Here are some of the things to do for entertainment in August of 1964…. On Wednesday night, Roy Orbison and his orchestra were performing at the Minot Municipal Auditorium from 9 pm to Midnight. The Starlite Outdoor Theater was featuring “Buck Nite” , ($1.00 per car), all in the car were admitted for the $1.00 price. The double feature included Teenage Millionaire and The Explosive Generation. The next featuring starting was going to be McLintock, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara…. The Oak Park Theater was showing The Pink Panther, starring Peter Sellers and the Empire feature How The West Was Won…..

Monday, June 29, 2015

Escape Proof Jail – Early 1900's

In the early 1900’s Minot was bragging about an “escape proof jail.” The new jail was to located in the basement of City Hall. The new jail had four cells of “unusually sturdy construction”. They were said to be as secure as good construction and good materials could make them. The City Hall at that time was on First Avenue, across from the First Avenue Building. The new Central Parking ramp will cover that location. The City Hall at that time also housed the Police Department, The Fire Department as well as the City Council chambers

Friday, June 26, 2015

Frontier Airlines –

 In late March, 1959, Frontier Airlines was going to begin service to Minot. The week before on Sunday, March 23, Frontier Airlines held and “Air Fair” at the Minot International Airport. Eighteen, special 25 minute flights started at 9:30 in the morning and were given all day long. The plane used was a 24 passenger, twin engine DC-3 airplane. 432 people went on the flight. For many it was first time they had ever been off the ground. They were able to view the city, the airport and the Air Force Base from an altitude of 3000 feet. More than 5,000 people attended the event and Frontier Airline Stewardesses presented a carnation to the first 500 ladies. People could register for a free trip for two to Denver at many Minot businesses

Airport - 1969

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Frosaker Motors Update –

Frosaker Motors was located on Broadway (2nd Street), south of Stearns Motors, about where the Wells Fargo Drive-up Bank is now. Frosaker Motors was a Chevrolet Dealer and the building 3 stories. The basement was used for auto parts storage and also a car wash. The main street level were offices, show room for 1-2 vehicles, and parts department. The 2nd floor was used for mechanics and new car get-ready. The 3rd floor was used as the paint and body shop. In the 50's a new one story service department was constructed on the west end of the building. The 2nd floor was then utilized for used cars. The used cars were brought to the upper floors by way of a large freight elevator… That elevator may have been the main access to upper floors.
There is a  picture of a train load of Chevrolet automobiles. Chevrolet had asked Ole "How many new cars he wished to order?" he said "Send me a trainload" The trainload was sold before it reached Minot.    Frosaker Motors eventually became Ryan Chevrolet.

 Frosaker Motors
 Frosaker Motors Demo - 1963
Frosaker ad about trainload of cars

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baders Women’s Wear --

 Opening in 1935, Bader’s was originally located in The Waverly Block which also housed the Waverly Hotel. In January, 1943 The Waverly Block was destroyed by a fire . With help, the employees of Bader’s were able to rescue most of the fur coats and clothing before the building was completely destroyed. The store did lose all of its display racks. In 1943 Bader’s bought the Fauchald Dept. Store which was located next to Woolworth’s on Main Street – That location was completely remodeled and re-opened. This location is now the home of Fiancee Bridal Shop. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Rack – Oak Park –

 The Rack opened in September, 1985 in the former Oak Park Theater building. The Rack was a pool and billiard hall, billiard equipment dealer, café and bar. The owners were Jim Palm and Lowell Thomas. In addition to hosting many pool tournaments the Rack also formed men’s and women’s pool leagues. The building contained 12 regulation size pool tables, two coin operated pool tables, one billiard table and a snooker table. The pro shop featured a complete line of pool and billiard equipment for home tables and the franchise for Brunswick pool supplies

Oak Park Theater - 1950-60

Monday, June 22, 2015

New York Store –

In many pictures of Minot’s Main Street one sees The New York Store. The original location of the New York Store was on the east side of North Broadway. The location was about where Ten North Main is now . Then as pictured later on The New York Store moved to the the Southwest Corner of Main and Central. This location was at the turn of the century the home of Jack Doyle’s Saloon. The best known saloon in Minot at the time. Peter P Lee replaced the saloon with a general store. The building was known as the Lee Block. In 1906, Julius Fauchald  bought the building and Lee’s Store became known as the New York Store. The building contained offices in the upper floors and was known as the New York Store Block.  In 1912 Julius Fauchald sold the New York Store to Woolworths, which operated until 1982. Fauchald moved next door and established Fauchald’s Department Store which continued until it was sold to Abraham Bader in 1943.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Oil in The Mouse River Valley ?? –

in 1900, many local residents believed there was oil in the Mouse River Valley near Minot. Nobody was sure about how much was actually there. One report stated: “There are several places in the county where crude oil oozes out of the ground in considerable quantities.” Another stated: “ In a coulee about 4 miles from town (Gasman Coulee) where the oil just rises to the surface. There are also several springs that are semi oil and water. One spring gives out so much crude oil that the water is unfit for drinking.”

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Schafer’s Hobbies –

 On August 16, 1985, Russell Schafer opened his store, Schafer’s Hobbies on Third Street NE, just a block north of the Third Street Viaduct. This is the same locations that was occupied by Meryl’s Hobby Shop. Schafer acquired the inventory from the former owner and was increasing it to about double. He specialized in fantasy games, model railroad supplies and radio controlled cars, boats and airplanes. Schafer was a graduate from Rolla High School and received a law enforcement degree from Minot State. He spent time as a dispatcher for the Minot Police Department and then worked for Farstad Oil in Minot. He started the hobby shop because of his interest in hobbies.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bremer or American State Bank –

 American State Bank of Minot received State Charter No.1347 on December 1, 1936 and began operation by the end of the year. The new American State Bank was organized to take over the deposit liabilities and business of the First International Bank of Minot. The new bank also occupied the offices of the former bank at 24 South Main Street . The first president of American State Bank was C.H. Parker. For 10 years American State Bank was located on Main Street then 1946 American State Bank moved in to the First Avenue Building. The assets of the bank had doubled by this time to 12 million dollars. In 1957, American State Bank moved to its present and final location on the northwest corner of 1st Street and 1st Avenue Southwest. The most outstanding feature of the new bank was its drive-in teller. This was the first in Minot at the time. In 1959, American State Bank installed the first electronic banking system in Minot. American State Bank is still operating today… It is now Bremer Bank

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New First National Bank –

 in July of 1975, construction had started on the new First National Bank located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Main Street SW. White vertical pre-cast concrete panels formed the exterior walls of the second and third floor. Each panel was 6 feet wide and 32 feet tall. The two foot wide windows appear bronze from the outside. The main entrance was next to a 60 –car parking lot and facing to the south. The lower level contained a 1,906 square foot Safe Deposit Vault. The contractor was Mattson construction. First National Bank eventually became Wells Fargo Bank. The Bank moved to two smaller locations in Minot. The building in Downtown Minot now sits empty awaiting the next phase of its existence.

 Early 1900's - 2nd National Bank which became 1st National Bank

1930 - 1st National Bank

Norwest Bank then Wells Fargo

Monday, June 15, 2015

Jacobson & Fugelso Hardware –

 Established in 1890 by Martin Jacobson, the store was 71 years old during the 1961 Diamond Jubilee—1n 1907 the store became Jacobson & Fugelso Hardware – The original hardware store was in a single 25X60 foot room. In 1902 it expanded to a 3 story building, occupying one floor—the building also housed the Jacobson Opera House and Union National Bank, now the home of the Taube Museum of Art. That building was destroyed in a fire in 1923 and later rebuilt by the bank.—The hardware store built in a new location at 13 – 15 Central Avenue East (now the home of Central Avenue Variety and at one time the Town Crier) --in its day Jacobson & Fugleso carried a full line of hardware, paint, Toro Mowers and Schwinn Bicycles

Friday, June 12, 2015

First Airplane Flight Over Minot –

 1911 – many people watched in awe as “Lucky” Bob St. Henry, a North Dakota native,  took off and flew his plane eight miles south of the city and returned in “an amazing 13 minutes, traveling up to 75 miles per hour.” The airplane was a Biplane consisting of fabric wings, a gasoline engine and three bicycle wheels and tires held together with piano wire. As the report stated…. “Rising from the ground like a splendid bird, its wings outstretched to catch the evening breeze, Lucky Bob’ St. Henry’s biplane “Sweetheart” soared into the realms of azure in magnificent flight before the inspired and thrilled people at the fairgrounds south of the city.”

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Garage –

 in May of 1972, a Teen Center opened at 118 First St. SE, the former Arrow Garage location. Hence the name “The Garage” was appropriate. It was owned by Sam Maragos and C. Morris Anderson of Minot. The manager was Ron Schreiner. The Garage was separated into 3 areas. There was a self serving automated food bank and microwave ovens; an eating area comprised of newly constructed picnic tables and a game area. The game area had pin ball machines, pool tables and other electronic game machines. On Friday and Saturday nights the game area also served as a dance floor with music by local and out of state bands. The Garage was open every day except Sunday

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Minot Marine –

 Minot Marine was opened by Julius Haas in 1957. Haas, a western states Gamble Store manager from 1927 to 1935, came to Minot from the Turtle Lake area where he was engaged in farming and business. They moved to their location on Highway 83 South, (South Broadway) in 1958. His son, LaVern joined the firm in 1958 after graduating from Augustana College in Sioux Falls. At that time they added a service shop for the repair of outboard motors and fiberglass boats. In 1959, Minot Marine became then distributor for West Bend outboard motors. At one time, Minot Marine was the dealer for Mercury and West Bend outboard motors, Glass Magic fiberglass boats, Lund Aluminum boats, Magnolia Boat Trailers as wells as boating accessories and water skis.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Minot Typewriter Company –

Gene Sloan started Minot Typewriter Company in 1936 in a small building on the site that is now occupied by the Midwest Federal Building. The business had a franchise with L.C. Smith Co. In 1941 Gene joined the Navy. George Osdoba, then a mechanic for Office Specialties, Co., took up where Sloan left off. In 1942 he changed the name to Minot Typewriter Agency but soon changed it back to Minot Typewriter Co. During the war there was very little merchandise to sell so 95% of the business was repair and service work. In 1944, Truman Graves left Gaffaney’s in Grand Forks to join Osboda. Minot Typewriter was at R.C. Allen, Underwood-Olivetti and Steelcase franchises. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dairy Companies

Bridgeman Creamery --  in June 1963, Bridgeman Creameries ran a full page ad proclaiming their value to the community. Milk purchased from area dairy farmers – over $900,000.00 and their payroll was over $400,000.00.  Bridgeman claimed their secret ingredient was “Quality”. The creamery produced not only milk but also butter, cottage cheese, whipping cream, ice cream and sour cream. In the 1960’s, Bridgeman still offered home milk delivery. 
White’s Dairy Products --  during the Diamond Jubilee celebration in 1961, Whites Dairy had been in business over 57 years, since 1904. White’s Dairy products included milk, cream and ice cream….

White's Dairy

Friday, June 5, 2015

President John F Kennedy invited to Jubilee….

 Senator Quentin Burdick presented an invitation to President Kennedy to attend the Ward County Diamond Jubilee in Minot on Spetember 2, 1961. The invitation was written on a calf skin and read: The people of Ward County, North Dakota, cordially invite John F Kennedy, President of the United States, to attend our Ward County Diamond Jubilee at Minot on Air Force Day, September 2, 1961…. Signed by W. M. Harrington, mayor of Minot. The President did not attend.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Minot 75th Birthday – 1961 –

In 1961, the state was celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Dakota Territories and Minot was celebrating its 75th Anniversary. Jubilee week for the 75th Anniversary of Minot was scheduled for the week of August 27 thru September 3, 1961. The week long festival was to include parades, historical displays, talent show, beard contest, fireworks, religious services, car racing and the historic spectacle – “Jim Hill to Jets”. This 90 minute play was presented at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds on a 300 foot stage. It showed the development of Minot from its early days to 1961. From the time of railroad pioneer, Jim Hill, to the huge Minot Air Force Base. The presentation consisted of 22 scenes about the history of Minot. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tunnels in Minot – Steam Tunnels –

 This is probably a good time to post this entry about some of the tunnels in Minot ...There is no truth to the rumor that a number of vintage cars were stashed in the tunnels under Downtown Minot that have never been found.

For many years a number of downtown buildings were heated by steam which was piped into them by steam pipes for the NSP Steam Power plant. The steam pipes had to be maintained so they ran through tunnels below the streets and buildings. These tunnels were large enough to accommodate men who may need to repair or do other maintenance. Many people confuse these tunnels with tunnels rumored to be running into Minot for the purpose of running contraband in and out of town. Most of this was in the form of alcohol smuggled in from Canada and other points. The Steam tunnels under Minot, while large enough to walk through were separate form any booze smuggling tunnels. However there was a rumor that a tunnel ran from Stearns Motors to the Rex Motel and another tunnel that ran from Stearn’s Motors to the old Flatiron Building. Possibly, only the people working on the Broadway Project in 1960 would know if this were true.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

El Tio’s Mexican Supper Club –

 opened  in 1979, El Tio’s feature seating for 175 people. The décor and food was Mexican along with some American dishes. El Tio’s featured authentic Mexican recipes which are not by nature overly spicey but the spices could be added to the customer’s preference. The Mexican Décor featured hand crafted items from Mexico such as adobe brick, Mexican blown glass light fixtures, hand painted tiles, leather chairs and piñatas.  The build is now the home of GEM Credit Union.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Louis Armstrong –

Thanks to one of my blog followers from Scotland I received a post from 1936. Louie Armstrong (Satchmo) was in Minot in concert at the Parker Auditorium on December 9th, 1936 for two events. From 7:30 to 9:00 pm was a concert with admission being only 55 cents. From 9:30 pm to 1:00 am was a dance. Admission to the dance was $1.15.  He was billed as a star of stage, screen and radio and a recording artist for Decca Records. He was accompanied by his orchestra. Again the Parker Auditorium was above the Parker Motors Company, across the street from the Scandinavian Hotel (which was torn down to make room for the YMCA.)