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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Keating Furniture – 1961

 In 1961, I Keating’s Furniture was located in Downtown Minot on 1st Street SW, in the location of the Midwest Federal or “Big M” Building. Keating’s Furniture was founded by T.F. Keating in 1934. They were your store for furniture, Bedding, carpeting and draperies. Some of the lines they carried were Henry Ford’s Museum Collection, (a line of early American reproductions), Wakefield furniture, Bigelow and Wunda Weave Carpets and Simmons (Beauty Rest) mattresses. In February, 1961, I Keating’s claimed their one and only sale for the year of 1961 was in its final days
Pictured below is I Keatings in its location on 1st St SW .... Behind the store is the Midwest Federal Building under construction


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