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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Business College

Minot College of Business 1969 – at one time located in Downtown Minot, the Minot College of Business was located at 234 14th Ave SE – next to the south end of the Rosehill Cemetary – the building was the former Sacred Heart Academy and is now apartments – the goals of the College of Business  at the time were to teach evening computer classes to MAFB personnel – Become a Junior College and establish a Merchandising and Salesmanship course – 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

JJ Newberry and More

Businesses from the 1960’s – 1970’s – Minot Drug – 16 South Main Street – ….. Singer Sewing Center – 104 South Main St. --- the factory store for Singer products – Sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and electric scissors ….. Coast to Coast Store – in 1972 it was located in the south end of the Arrowhead Shopping Center – hardware store and more ….. Jupiter Discount Store --  8 South Main St – the forerunner of Kmart Stores …. Star Banner Service – 1205 North Broadway – full service gas station and dealer for General Tires  – also did motorcycle and lawnmower repairs – (next to North Broadway Dairy Queen)…. JJ Newberry Department Store – one of the anchor store in the Town & Country Shopping Center …

JJ Newberry 

Monday, January 29, 2018

Mall Days

Town & Country Shopping Center – Mall Days – in May, 1970, Town & Country Center was celebrating its 6th anniversary and was still the largest shopping center in North Dakota – you could register for drawings for free turkeys and hams—the grand prize was a console color TV worth over $650.00 …. Some of the stores participating --- Newberry’s with out door supplies like a lawn chair for $3.33 or a chaise lounge for $5.28 – you could register to win an AMC Gremlin…… Sears – clothing and automotive specials like a wheel alignment for only $6.99 ……. KG’s Men’s Store – Ellison’s Shoe Salon and Walter’s --- clothing specials …. T&C White Drug – assorted coupon specials 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Bars of the 60's and 70's

-Past Business of Minot Night Clubs  – The Covered Wagon Bar – at one time the Covered Wagon Bar on Main Street was Minot’s oldest bar opening in 1900. …. The Dutch Mill – opened in 1944 on East Burdick Expressway (Highway 2 East) at the intersection of 27th  Street, (at one time known as Friday’s and now The Rocking Horse Bar) was the top entertainment spot in Minot.  The Little Dutch Mill – opened in 1955 just to the west of the Dutch Mill. It featured short order and curb side drive-in restaurant service. The Little Dutch Mill building is still there – it is now used a living quarters for bands playing at the Rocking Horse…..

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Larson Grocery

Past Business of Minot  – Mallard Motors –in 1961 Mallard Motors was located at the intersection on 4th Avenue and 6th Street SW in Minot. They claimed to be “Minot’s foremost dealer in fine used cars”. Proprietors were Elwood (Woody) Thorpe and Jim Weiskoph…… Town Theater.. … located in Downtown Minot…… Import Motors – located on South Broadway. They were Minot’s authorized Volkswagen dealer…… Larson’s Food Store – “Serving Minot and the area with Quality and Reliability in Foods”. Larson Foods began operation in 1933 and were located at 213 4th Avenue SE. Now this area is the parking lot West of the Courthouse on Burdick Expressway….. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Gust’s Service Station –

Gusts Super Service was located on the corner of Main Street and 4th Avenue (now Burdick Expressway), next to the Empire Theater. Gust’s was a Mobil Station selling Mobilgas, mobilubrication, and Mobil Permazone Antifreeze. They were old fashioned about courtesy and the “old Fashioned” service that earned service stations their name. Note in the picture below from the 1940's, the Empire Theater was not yet built as that happened in 1952. There was a miniature golf course in the Empire Theater lot but I have not been able to find out the name of it or any information about it, although I do have a picture of it

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

1970 - Parking Ramp in Downtown Minot

News Stories – May 28, 1970 – On the front page of the newspaper was a story about the proposed parking ramp in Downtown Minot. This ramp was to be built in the ½ block just south of the old Midwest Federal Building or just west of what is now Wells Fargo Bank. Cost to build the ramp in 1970 was $1,600,000 – the ramp was never built … also in the news was the announcement of the store manager for the new Kmart Store being built at the intersection of Highway 83 South and the 2&52 Bypass. The store was scheduled to open on July 9, 1970 – the first store manager was Roger Atkinson – The Kmart store is still in this location …… 

Monday, January 22, 2018

1967 – Thank You Days #2 – Downtown Minot --

 This was a November  promotion the Downtown Minot merchants held –- 12 lucky people would be rewarded with a $100 gift certificate from the registration. …. More Participating Businesses included Olson’s Men’s wear – Samuelson’s Shoes – Walter’s Womens  Wear – Ace Hardware – Straus Brothers Jewelers – White Drug (Downtown location) --  City Bakery – Jupiter Discount Store –The Corset Shoppe --  Kinney’s Shoes – Big Bear Surplus – Wylie Piano – Stevenson’s Womens wear – Minot Drug – Tollefson’s Furniture – Deeter’s Bridal Salon -- 
Pictured is the interior of Ace Hardware - downtown Minot

Friday, January 19, 2018

1967 – Thank You Days #1 –

 Downtown Minot  --  This was a November  promotion the Downtown Minot merchants held …. 12 lucky people would be rewarded with a $100 gift certificate from the registration. …. Participating Businesses included – FW Woolworths – Toivo’s Jewelry – Rueb’s Camera and Cards – Shark’s Clothiers – Coast to Coast Store – Jay’s Men’s & Boy’s Wear – The Pollyanna Shop – The Jacqueline Shop – Ann’s Fashions --  AM Foss Jewelers --  Bader’s Women’s Wear --- Taube’s Ladies wear – Ellison’s – Don Moe Chrysler Plymouth -- 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thunderbird Home Center –

 in 1971 Thunderbird was located at 623 North Broadway …. Their specialty seemed to be electrical and plumbing supplies ….. Some of the prices in August of 1971 included …. Medicine cabinets – 24 inch for $12.95 to a 42 inch for $20.95 ….. a 5 light crystal chandelier for $29.95 ….. 30 gallon gas water heater - $46.95 ….. double bowl stainless steel sink - $19.95 and bathroom vanities complete with marble as low as $48.95 …..

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

1967 Auto Supplies –

I can’t help but envy the prices for auto supplies in 1967 compared to today…. However the comparison to the value of the dollar is probably the same ….. Automotive batteries - $11.95 for a 24 month battery to $19.95 for a 42 month battery … gas line antifreeze – 19 cents a can ….. windshield spray de-icer – 67 cents a can …. Spark plugs 57 cents each …. Retread snow tires as low as $9.88 each and studded snow tires for only $21.88 each….. and replacement steel wheels to mount the snow tires on for only $5.99 each …..mounting was no extra charge.

Western Auto 1962

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tesoro Opens in Minot

Tesoro Convenience Store – This convenience store was located at 1515 2nd Ave SW – Across the street from Harley’s Service Station …. The Grand opening was held the first week in December in 1972….. the store was open from 7 am to 11pm ….. some of the Grand Opening specials included 1 dozen eggs for 49 cents ….. 20 ounce Listerine for $1.17 …. Ladies panty hose for 49 cents a pair and men’s or ladies snowmobile boots for $7.99 a pair. …… 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Scheel's on Broadway

Scheel’s – located at the intersection of Broadway and Burdick ( originally National Grocery and lately Zimmerman’s Furniture now the Mattress Store) - --- full line hardware store that also sold sporting goods and baking products – Some of the products you could purchase in the 70’s besides sporting goods --- Housewares items such as casserole dishes, Krumkake irons and rosette irons, aluminum foil  --- Electric appliances like a pizza baker or a burger maker --- hardware items including electrical supplies, furnace filters drill bits and vises --- Christmas Decorations and some toys ….

Thursday, January 11, 2018

1970 - Grocery Prices

 Just another look at the price of food back in December, 1970 ….. Miracle Mart claimed to have the lowest prices in Minot. They claimed you could save up to 15% on you total food purchases by shopping a t Miracle mart. Some of the prices from over 40 years ago – Bananas – 12 cents pound … Baby food – 11 cents a jar …. Campbell’s Tomato Soup – 11 cents a can ….. Select T-Bone steak - $1.28 lb. ….. 10 pounds of red potatoes – 38 cents …… Hamburger – 79 cents a pound and one of my favorites Center Cut Chuck Roast – 68 cents pound

Garden Valley Super Fair

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Alm's Dairy

-Alm’s Milk Products – in 1961, Alm’s Milk products featured the only plastic, no wax carton in Minot. Alm’s also featured Ice Cream along with their Grade “A” milk. Alm’s also had home delivery available. Alm’s millk bottles were sealed by special machine with heat settings up to 1500 degrees. Under the bottle caps were a heavy a cardboard bottle top with premiums printed on them. One could save the bottle tops and redeem them for a “Treasure of fine premiums”. Such items included a Pen Portrait for a picture you sent in, A flourentine silver spoon set, a Black Foredty Wall Clock, 6 personalized pencils, and at one time the bottle tops could be redeemed for admission to the matinee shows at the Empire Theater.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dishes at the Grocery Store –

Back in the “old days” many grocery stores offered full sets of dishes or a “Kitchen Ensemble” for only low prices per piece with every $3.00 you spent on groceries…  in 1970, the three Piggly Wiggly stores offered Anchor Hocking  Fire King dishes. Each week you were offered a different serving piece for the low price of 99 cents. Some of the other specials included completer pieces like 5 inch cereal bowls – 4 for 99 cents ….. 1 to 3 pound canisters ranged 99 cents to $1.39 …. Of course the most popular color at that time was “Avocado”. At that time Piggly Wiggly had three locations … Town & Country Shopping Center,… Oak Park Shopping Center and Highway 2 East (across from the Fair Grounds)

Monday, January 8, 2018

Past News Stories

July 1972 -- Top stories on the front page of the newspaper…. The US Senate voted to increase the hourly minimum wage to $2.20 which would give much bigger paychecks to many people however the House wanted a minimum wage of $2.00 per hour  ….. Speed Limits were being painted on some streets in addition to the standard metallic signs….. the State Fair attendance had surpassed 100,000 and was on track to beat the previous record of 157, 884 – events still to happen that year included Auto racing, an auto destruction derby, tractor pulling contest and Grand Ole Opry stars Jack Greene and Jeannie Seely  also Appearing were Tommy Cash,  Liz Anderson, Carl Smith and David Rogers 

Friday, January 5, 2018

1972 Snowmobile Odinance

in 1972 the Minot City Council debated an finally passed an ordinance allowing snowmobiles to be ridden in the city as long as they had a 5 foot pole with a red or blaze orange flag at least 10 inches square  attached to the machine. Originally the pole was to be 6 feet tall but the height was reduced by one foot as the club selling the flags only had 5 foot poles. The biggest problem was the enforcement. Those snowmobilers not in compliance were hard to catch as they usually had an easy time eluding the police. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Past Minot Business

The Sofa & Sleep Shop— Located at 1906 South Broadway just south of Ryan Chevrolet  ---- Specialized in sofas, recliners and mattresses --- they were the dealer for King Koil and Restonic brand mattresses ………  Scheel’s Hardware – located at the corner of Broadway and Burdick  --- full line hardware store that also sold sporting goods and baking products -- Chief’s Chicken ‘n Beef – Restaurant located at 1701 South Broadway – now the home of Qdoba’s – Chief’s was primarily a sandwich shop

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Past Business

Plywood Dakotas --  on the 2 & 2 Bypass East – in the area of the truck stop – cabinets, flooring and construction supplies. ….. Valley Sports Ski Shop – 16 West Central Avenue in 1978  ….. The Cloth Haus --  located on main Street in Downtown Minot – fabric and notion store that also sold Viking sewing machines……. Rebel Jeans --- 1977 a store that specialized in Levi Strauss clothing – locate at 400 20th Ave SW …….. Swiss Colony --- back in the 1960’s Swiss Colony had a permanent store located in the Town & Country Center – Now Swiss Colony shows up a between Thanksgiving and Christmas in a kiosk in Dakota Square Mall