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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Water Fountain Saga Part 2

 I have come into the possession of copies of the original letters and newspaper clippings about the fountain in downtown Minot … its history and how it came to Minot.

Part 2 – Mr Lewis Seaver and the National Humane Alliance of New York decided to send the Fountain to Minot provided certain conditions were met by the city . 1. The City of Minot had to unload the fountain from the rail car – freight was pre-paid. 2. The City of Minot had to transport and locate the fountain on the designated site. 3. The City of Minot had to provide a good, continuous water supply to the fountain and 4. The City of Minot had to provide permanent, proper care and maintenance for the fountain. Minot was the smallest city in the United States to receive a fountain. Because of the rapid growth the city was experiencing at the time, Minot received a fountain.