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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Neighborhood Grocery Stores #3

Small Family Grocery Stores – Through the years and before the large chain grocery stores came into being, Minot as had many small, local, family owned neighborhood grocery stores. In 1967 there were 8 neighborhood grocery stores in the city. Some of these are from the 1960’s and others from years gone by:
Gar’s Grocery – 427 2nd Ave NW – owned by Gary Vardsveen and formerly known as Virg’s Grocery when Virgil Nordstrom owned it
Schrepel’s Grocery – owned by AE Schrepel at 205 3rd Ave SE – now the location of the YWCA
Hillside Grocery – operated by Albin Willenbring – 400 South Main – building bought by Trinity Hospital
Chelgren’s Grocery – owned by Henning A Chelgren at 715 Valley St. – store closed and building converted to apartments
Wagner’s Grocery – owned by Perley E Wagner – 1217 Valley St. – also had a gas station in addition to groceries … Converted to a family dwelling

Bondly’s Grocery  -- Otto Bondly owner – 1614  4th Ave SE – Grocery business closed – converted to a Beauty Salon

Gar's Grocery

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