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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fountain Saga Part 4

History Of the Downtown Minot Water Fountain…

Part 4 – Jump ahead to 1922. More and more people were driving and few horses were seen in Downtown Minot.  Because of  its size it became difficult for people to maneuver around it. As time went on the fountain was causing many traffic problems and accidents.  In 1922 the fountain was moved over by Bridgeman Creamery but still it was causing traffic problems. The grain trucks hauling to the nearby elevators had trouble getting around it so in 1937 it was moved again. This time the fountain was moved to Minot State College, (not yet a university). The fountain was place in the area of Dakota Hall, a women’s residence hall. While at the College one of the brass lion’s heads was stolen and the fountain never worked. It became a lawn ornament, usually filled with geraniums and petunias. This is where the fountain resided for 50 years.