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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fountain in Downtown Minot - Saga Part 1

History Of the Downtown Minot Water Fountain…– I have come into the possession of copies of the original letters and newspaper clippings about the fountain in downtown Minot … its history and how it came to Minot.

Part 1 – the year was 1910.. For the past two years Mrs. Alex Scarlett had been corresponding with Mr Lewis M Seaver who was the Secretary Treasurer of the National Humane Alliance of New York. She had been asking his organization to donate one of the 100 fountains they were giving away to the City of Minot. The Fountains were to provide water for horses and small bowls at the bottom would supply water for dogs. Mr Seaver was traveling to Denver and decided to stop in Minot on the way to look over the situation. Seaver was entertained by the Scarletts and other City Officials at the Commercial Club as the proposition was discussed. Collectively the Minot group along with Seaver decided the fountain should be located at the intersection of Main and Third Street … (in the early years of Minot the streets ran east and west and the avenues ran north and south. First Street was Central Avenue, which means that Third Street then is Second Avenue now)

Fountain on Main 


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