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Monday, September 29, 2014

Dacotah Hotel

Angus McDonald was one of the early developers in Minot who did well and became quite wealthy. In Minot’s early days he bought two lots with a total frontage of 80 feet. On these he built the Dacotah Hotel. One lot was purchased from the Great Northern Railroad the price was $350.00 for one lot and $400.00 for the other. These lots are on the east side of Main Street and as far north as one could go. In 1913 the two lots with the Dacotah Hotel were valued at $40,000. I also came across a story about the Dacotah Hotel being robbed in the early morning hours. The thieves got away with $34.00. 

Dacotah Hotel in the forefront - picture time frame estimated between  1895 and 1905


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