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Thursday, December 22, 2011

S&L Ads - 1963

This is the entry for Friday the 23rd....... I was going through newspapers from 1963 and thought some of the Christmas ads were interesting....
1963  S&L ads – In November of 1963 S&L Department Store on main street was running the following items in their newspaper ads. Women’s fleece lined snow boots - $3.99 a pair and Women’s high fashion leather boots only $8.95 a pair. The men good purchase a pair of zipper galoshes for $4.99 a pair or a pair of 4 buckle work overshoes for only $5.99 a pair. Women also had the opportunity to purchase holiday print dresses for$5.98 for cotton to $14.95 for wool. In 1963 a woman’s mohair sweater was only $12.95.  S&L at this locations was at one time the State Theater


  1. Love reading your Blogs about Minot, brings back so many memories!
    Also enjoy following your journey of getting back in your home - glad you are back in!

  2. Thanks
    We did celebrate Xmas Dinner.... still a lot of work to do getting everything put away that has been and still is stored on the top floor