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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Evacuated Day 172 - Dec 11, 2011

Sunday today.... The tile is done in the basement bathroom... it and the shower will be grouted tomorrow. The center of the basement hallway is poured, leveled and stamped to match the other rooms. (Dacotah did walk through the fresh concrete so a repair job was in order.) The new furniture for the den is delivered and installed. All the appliances were delivered from respective storage units. The washer, dryer, freezer and spare refridge are in the basement backroom.... still cutting tile in the laundry room. they will be placed this week.
The micreowave and refidgerator on the main floor are in place and functioning. The stove will be.... need a 3 prong outlet instead of a 4 prong. The plumbers will start mounting all remaining fixtures starting tomorrow. Kitchen sink, main floor toilet, sink and clawfoot tub, downstairs vanity. utility sink in workshop and downstairs shower. We may be moving some furniture in this week. Phones are almost ready and cable TV is hooked up.
We may be moving in next weekend!!!!!!!!


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