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Monday, December 19, 2011

Evacuated - Day 180- Dec 19, 2011

We Are Back in our House!!!! We moved in on Sunday the 18th... almost 6 months to the day since we evacuated. There is still a lot to do but at least we are there and can work on it a little at a time. Still being done today is the final pouring of concrete to level the basement floor at the foot of the stairs. Also building a pad for the washer and dryer to sit on as the floor is uneven where they are located now. I have to get in touch with the electician. They are coming back to check on a couple outlets that have no power to them in the work room. I need them to hook up the fan-light combo in the bathroom downstairs and also the wall heater. It is a bit dark and cool when taking a shower. The new jacuzzi tub will be installed after the holidays when the plumbers get back. I am meeting Lyle's Moving today to get more furniture from storage to make things more like home. We are planning on having Christmas dinner at our house.
Now we begin bringing all the stuff down from upstairs and putting it away or getting rid of it.


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