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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cox Bakery Specials - 1963

1963 Cox’s Bakery Specials – Cox’s Bakery was located on Main Street, north of Central Avenue on the west side. The unusual thing I noticed about their pre-Thanksgiving ad in the 1963 newspaper is that it did not list their phone number or address. Some of the specials they were advertising were: Luncheon Rolls – 5 dozen for $1.00. Hamburger buns – 4 dozen for $1.00 and assorted cookies – 5 dozen for $1.00.  One could purchase a ½ pound of peanut brittle candy for 39 cents. For your Thanksgiving Dinner, Cox’s Bakery also offered pumkin pies, mince meat pies,  Yule kage, fruit cake and decorated Thanksgiving Day cakes. Cox's Bakery would have been to the right of North Main Tavern

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