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Monday, December 12, 2011

Evacuated - Day 173 - Dec 12, 2011

House Update:
The Jacuzzi tub is in the basement.... tomorrow they will place the deck to mount it and then tile the area around the tub... also the 3 feet above the tub in the same color tile but 6 inch squares with a glass inset. Electricians will come later on Wednesday or Thursday to power up the Laundry room, Basement bathroom and workroom. Plumbers need to get their stuff done by Friday... as they are heading back to Idaho for the holidays.... Tuesday I will take Dacotah out to the farm early as we have Madison's last basketball game. We will sneak over to Menards to look at medicine cabinets.... one for Main floor bathroom and one for area above my sink.... possible one for basement if the one we had is too large.
I need to get into storage quanset at farm during daylight hours ( no power or lights) to find furniture we want to move in this weekend. If it all comes together we may move home sunday or early next week.... hope to be in before Xmas,.

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