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Friday, December 2, 2011

Evacuated - Day 163 - Dec 2, 2011

We seem to be moving along at a brisk pace. We have a toilet in the house that is fuctioning. They basement stool is in and will be pulled out when we tile the floor in the bathroom. The electricians were in yesterday afternoon and have most of the outlets and switches working on the main floor. The water heater is in but I forgot to tell the electricians that we moved it to a different spot so they need to run a wire to it.... no hot water until Monday. When electricians get done Monday we could bring in our appliances if flooring is in. The basement bathroom is about 1/2 sheetrocked, the laundry room is ready for painting.
Main floor bathroom should get tub, sink and toilet installed today. Maybe 2 functioning toilets in the house.
Gary was laying the floor tile in the den on the main floor. If he finishes that room I will install base boards and have the new desk and bookshelves delivered. Bedroom furniture can move into bedroom so we can start cleaning floor in dining room.....Getting closer

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