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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Keg #1

This will be the first in a five part history of The Keg that was once in Minot.
 The Barrel – (the Keg) Pt 1 – The Barrel root beer stand was built in 1931 in Minot. It was during the great depression, a time of dust storms, drought, heat waves and crop failures. A nickel bought a root beer and a dime bought a toasted ham sandwich. Food was delivered to the vehicles by young carhops. The smiles were free. Some believe the word “carhop” was coined because the waitresses had to hop p on the running boards of the cars to deliver the food. Others say it was a derivative of  the word “bellhop” and adapted to the cars.. … Most drive-ins instructed the carhops not to stand on the running boards because it was improper and overly familiar behavior. . The first carhops were not teenage girls, but were adult women who found the tips were excellent even back in the 30’s


  1. I was born in Minot in 1932. I lived there until I was 18. The Barrel was a wonderful treat to my family. We would go there for frosty mugs of root beer and grilled peanut butter sandwiches. Today all my children and grandchildren are fans of the sandwiches espeically with a tall glass of root beer.

  2. That was a great place to grab a snack after a Minot Mallard Baseball game.