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Monday, December 5, 2011

Evacuated - Day 166 - Dec 5, 2011

We worked at the house again over the weekend. The tile setters are working on the basemant shower. The floor is in place. The tile is in place in the den and the kitchen. The small closet in the den is all that is left to finish in that area. The carpet will be in place later this week in the hallwat and dressing area off the main floor Bedroom. The baseboard is installed in the den so we can have the new furniture delivered for that room this week.
Electricians will be back to finish odds and ends on the main floor. They will also get  the water heater wired so it will work. I forgot to tell them that we moved it across the room due to the furnace install. They have to run a new wire for the water heater. Todd stopped by to look at what we need to terminate all the phone lines. Cable TV is scheduled for Tuesday. Counter top should be here Tuesday or Wednesday.Plumbers are getting main floor bathroom done today. Hopefully by this weekend we will be moving appliances back into the house.

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