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Monday, April 20, 2015

Minot's First Fire Ordinances –

1887 – when Minot became a city, the first City Council found it expedient and prudent to legislate against certain types of buildings allowed in the business district. Those structures that were prohibited included tar paper shacks, thatch roof stables, tents without chimneys and haystacks. The Minot Council also declared that Minot should become a western metropolis of brick and stone walled buildings. An area between Reishus Ave (1st St. SW) and Ramstad Ave. (1st St SE) and north of Third Street (now 2nd Ave.) to the railroad track was to be considers a “fireproof district”. This was passed in 1887 and was the very early beginning of Minot’s building and zoning regulations. 

Minot - 1888


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