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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Early Evolution of Main Street – Part 4

1926 – Minot was 40 years old. The town was growing and Main Street business was thriving, changing and prospering, Businesses along Main Street at this time included the Hamre Funeral Home, Benno Drug, the Strand Theater, Nelson’s Grocery, Minot Furniture Co, and Leo M Finnegan Funeral Home. Also located on Main Street you could find Walter’s Grocery, City Bakery, Minot Hardware, Walter’s Grocery, Sullivan’s Flower Shop, Anderson’s Cleaners, the Waverly Hotel and the Hotel Leland. The Hotel Leland would eventually evolve into the Leland Parker, then a parking lot and now Art Space. The Waverly Hotel would burn down in January, 1943 on a very cold day leaving 4 bodies frozen in its ruins until late April or early May when the ice finally melted

 Strand Theater - 1920's
 Hotel Morrill - later renamed the Waverly Hotel
Leland Hotel


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