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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Minot’s First Christmas Tree --

The year was 1886 and the City of Minot was just getting started when the first Christmas Tree was set up to celebrate the holiday. In 1886 no churches had been built and few congregations had been established. One of the landmarks of early Minot was Jack Doyle’s Saloon. This was located on the corner of what is now Main Street and Central Avenue. This is where the first tree was set up and decorated. Nearly everyone in town was at the saloon to celebrate the holiday. The presents were hung on the tree and everyone received at the least a bag of candy. Jack Doyle’s Saloon later became the location for the PP Lee Block, then the New York Store and later F W Woolworth’s 

1907 - Leland Hotel on left - across the street was at one time Jack Doyle's Saloon


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