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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fauchald _ New York Store –

Julius Fauchald was an early pioneer in Minot. He arrived in Minot from the lumber camps in Wisconsin in 1888. For two years he was a clerk in the Strain Brothers store, on of minot first mercantile or retail stores. Then for the next two years he was employed in a store owned by Perter P Lee. Eventually he became a partner with G.O. Frank in the New York Store. He bought out Frank’s interest and his brother Morris joined him in purchasing PP Lee’s store and combined it with the New York Store. Julius began sole owner in 1909. The New York Store eventually moved to the corner of Main St and Central Ave. Fauchald sold this buiding to Woolworth and established a smaller store next door to the south called Fauchald’s. This location was sold to Bader’s Women’s Wear after they lost their location in the Waverly Hotel Fire in 1943.

 New York Store - early 1900's
New York Store - 1928

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