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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Early Minot City Ordinances –

Ordinance #4 – Provided for a fine of $1.00 up $100.00 and-or 30 days in jail for anyone convicted of drunkedness or disorderly conduct. Ordinance #6 – prohibited anyone from letting horses, mules, cows, sheep, goats or swine to run at large in the city limits of Minot. Ordinance #16 – anyone found loitering in the vicinity of tippling houses, beer houses, eating houses, houses of ill fame or bad repute, pool or billiard rooms, or anyone who shall lead an immoral or profligate life shall be termed a vagrant. This was punishable by a fine of $5.00 to $50.00. If the prisoner could not pay the fine it could be worked off at the price of $1.00 per day. If the prisoner refused to work he was to be closely confined on a diet of bread and water only. 

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