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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mitchell Hardware & Cafe

The only hardware store in the territory where you can buy a good t-bone steak AND the only steakhouse in the territory where you can buy good hardware!. Established in 1948 Mitchell’s Hardware and CafĂ© was located at 222 East Central Avenue…. Now the home of Val’s Cyclery. Mitchell’s was the authorized sales and service agents for Monarch Ranges, Hank’s Paints, Stanley Tools, Glodblat’s Masonary Tools and McKAy’s water Treatment. Mitchell;s at one time had a talking Myna Bird who was prone to uttering cuss words so many young people were not allowed to go near him. The Myna Bird’s name was Mac

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  1. Hi my name is Zach wolflick and I am a senior at minot high school. For Mr. Bergs Entreprenurship class we have to interview someone about old downtown so I was wondering if anyone had a story about mitchells. if you have any please email me at