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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drawz Stoker Mfg. Co.

In August of 1928, Roy Drawz was tired of shoveling coal so he applied for a patent on the Drawz Stoker. In 1951, needing more room, Drawz Stoker moved to a new location on Highway 83 South of Minot. Shortly thereafter a steel building was added to accommodate more expansion and growth. The building still stands and is across the road from the Gas Stop on South Broadway. Other lines carried were Moncrief furnaces, gas conversion burners, oil burners, Dura-Vent metal gas chimneys and Minneapolis-Honeywell products. Pictured below are people affiliated with Drawz-Stoker 


  1. In the summer or early fall of 1976 Kentucky Fried Chicken (MarDon Enterprises, Ltd.) owned by Peggy and Don Kimball rented the north half of Drawz's steel building. The front half was used for office space for the three KFC locations in Minot and the one in Devil's Lake. The back half was used as a warehouse for non-perishable goods for the three Minot stores. I don't remember what year my Mom and Don closed the office and warehouse, but I remember when we first opened it, as I worked there then. The owners at Drawz were awesome people.

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