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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House Ads - 1959

Times have changed. In 1959 some of the classified ads in the newspaper for housing were as follows: #1 – 2 bedroom home with furnished basement apartment to sublet - $125.00 month –#2 -  Three bedroom duplex apartment - $105.00 month -- #3 – two bedroom house with coal heat $75.00 month (maybe had to shovel your own coal) -- #4 – oone could purchase a new Capp Home – custom built on your lot and foundation for as low as $3489.00 .

TBA Wholesalers – TBA offered a discount card for fuel to any who had five or more gasoline operated units. If you had a TBA Fleet Card you were entitled to purchase gasoline at wholesale prices. In 1955 TBA started including farmers and ranchers in the TBA card program. TBA Wholesalers of Minot was located at 14 Second Street NE…. their phone number was TE 7-1158.


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