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Monday, February 20, 2012

House Update 2-20-12

I have had people wondering about the house. Here is the latest update.... Pat the Sewing Lady has moved back home with her sewing business. The up stairs, (top floor), where we had lots of "stuff" stored is almost live-able again.
The steps in the back entry are in and waiting to be stained. That will happen after the floor in the basement hallway is repaired. We have a small area of concrete overlay that did not bond to floor below. it has to be chipped out and replaced. The heating guys are supposed to return this week to finnish installing the master controll for the heating zones and to install the covers on the vents. When the weather warms we are going to rototill the lawn and plant grass. I have been in contact with the painter to repaint the bottom 8 feet of the house. The house was repainted the fall of 2010. We have the garage to re-do.... looking into the possibility of raising the roof and adding a second story. Also we are thinking of moving my woodworking shop out to the garage.... after insulation and heat are added. Picture below is of one of my clocks I make when not restoring our flood damaged house.


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