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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bridgeman Creamery

Bridgeman Creamery in Minot prided itself on continuously pioneering advancements in quality control and sanitation techniques. Bridgeman Creamery was the first in the area with Bulk Tank Trucks to move products from the farm to the Creamery. They were also the first and only creamery with an In-the-Plant Laboratory and Chemist to test and insure the quality of its products. Bridgeman’s also had the first and only All-refrigerated trucks for home delivery and product delivery to retail businesses. Bridgeman Creamery was located on Third Street Northeast at the south side of the Third Street overpass. Shown below is a milk bottle cap. Some were collected and could be redeemed for passes to shows at the Empire Theater.


  1. What a great blog.

    My grandparents had a dairy farm for many years. One of my fondest memories was of the Bridgeman truck coming to pick up the milk from us.

    I am hoping that someone can answer a question I have. Was the Bridgeman Creamery Milk pasteurized?

  2. My father worked for Bridgeman Creamery for over 30 years. My little sister is looking for bottles with the logo on it. If anyone has and is willing to sell please email me at Thank you