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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Edsel Showing

On Friday, Oct 31, 1958 (Halloween) the 1959 Edsel, an exciting new kind of car, was making its debut showing at Westlie Motors. Coffee and donuts were served and at that time, Westlie’s claimed to be North Dakota’s largest auto dealer. ….. the Edsel claimed to be the car that looks right, works right and was priced right. The Edsel was luxurious without overdoing it. Roomy with out useless length. Powerful without hogging gas and styled to last.  The Edsel line featured 10 different models with 4 different motors . The Edsel was only around for about 3 years ….. maybe they should not have had their premiere showing on Halloween.

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  1. Just an FYI... Edsel's premiere showing was not October 31, 1958... it was September 4, 1957. The October 31, 1958 showing was for the 1959 Model year not the premiere showing of the car. Might fact check this a bit...