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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Puppy Dog Coulee

So far no one has been able to tell me how Puppy Dog Coulee was named. One story of how Puppy Dog Coulee was named is this. Puppy Dog referred to a watering hole or pond in the coulee just a bit south and east of where the Highway patrol office is now. This would be just off 6th Street Southeast. The pond in the 30’s, was deep enough that his horse had to swim across when he was riding. In the drought years it always had water, the watering hole never dried up. Supposedly the Indians named it Puppy Dog but he did not know why. At the turn of the century they would make camp at this spot and then had about a mile walk into Minot. I am still looking for any information on how Puppy Dog Coulee got its name...... After putting this episode "on the air" on my radio show, a friend called and said he has an almanac from 1907. In that year the coulee was referred to as Puppy Dog. I am guessing that the Puppy Dog name was given to the coulee in the late 1800's and the reason why may never be known.

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